Pamper Ideas For New Moms

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When you're a new mom, you days consist of looking after a tiny human who you just spent nine months creating. Not only are you doing that, but you're doing it following some serious trauma to your body - either from a natural birth or from major surgery. And to top it off, as you're shuffling around trying to get the baby to sleep, and you're wincing every time you sit down, your partner, unfairly, has to go back to work. After all of that, it's only fair that you get to have a little bit of pamper time. Obviously for certain things you need to wait until you're healed enough and up for the task, and there does come a point where you need to be pampered solo, so baby needs to have a second pair of arms to rest in for a while.

Beauty salon

Just because you are having zero hours of sleep and you're dealing with too many baby bodily fluids to count, doesn't mean that you can't look beautiful doing it. Even something as simple as having your nails done can help you feel like you again. Your little one will be the most incredible thing and your whole world, but you shouldn't ever feel bad at wanting a little bit of the old you back. Plus, visiting the salon gets you interacting with other grown ups again!

Hair salon

Along the same lines as getting your nails done - a fresh cut will feel amazing. Often as a new mom your hair choices are a quick ponytail or a messy bun - take the time to at least care for the health of your hair. Maybe even refresh the colour with some balayage highlights! You gain volume and thick, luscious locks while pregnant - and you'll want to keep that going for as long as possible, and the only way to do that is to take care of your hair.


While at the salon, have those sore muscles taken care of - and don't worry if you doze off! Your tiny bundle of joy can get heavy, and all their paraphernalia you have to tote everywhere isn't a light load either, and don't even get started on the workout a loaded pram gives you! Motherhood brings forth new muscles you never knew you had - and a tolerance for pain you wish you never had to find! A massage is more than required - it's a necessity. But make sure that you're ready for that sort of pressure on your lower back, it can be tender for a while, and the added pressure on a fresh cesarean wound is not a good idea. A less painful idea might be to make your own beauty products and have A mini massage a home.


This one might come a little way down the line as it takes a good while for that bump to disappear completely - and even then you will be a different shape than you were before. However, you will need new clothes as you go, so let yourself enjoy shopping and spending some money on yourself for once! It's not likely to happen much again for a while. It's a guarantee that no shopping trip will he free of new baby clothes, but who cares? Little baby socks are the cutest, and surely you can find matching outfits?

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