Mini String Art / Free Summer-Time Templates Printable / Part 1 (6 Designs)

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These Mini String Art Projects are a great 20 minute craft thats perfect for ages five to 105. The mini string art templates are simple and easy to follow. Just Place the template over your 2x6 wood square and nail in the nails where the dots are. Then you can use some embroidery floss and fill and outline the design in to bring it to life.  

A lot of string art out there is very complicated with multiple string colors and hundreds of nails. These mini string art projects are not only adorable but the simple small designs are perfect for nail art beginners. 

These would even make cute bookends. 

Mini String Art Template
2x6 Wood cut to a square (cut 5.5 inch length)
18 x 5/8 Nails ( 1oz package is enough to make two of these)
Embroidery Floss (One of these is enough for about two blocks)

Sand Paper
Chop Saw (optional)

Tip: If you don't have a chop saw to cut your wood you can go to the Home Depot and have them cut your 2x6 board to the 5.5 inch lengths for the wood squares for FREE! You will have to sand the edges down though yourself. 

Cost: If you have the wood for this project already you are looking at just $1.50 or less a block for the cost of nails and embroidery floss combined. If you are buying the wood and wood stain you are looking at around $4 for each String Art Project, if you are making at least eight of these. Either way these Crafts are super cheap to make, (cheaper than buying string art kits). 

We used old warped wood that wasn't good for much else besides crafts and they turned out so beautiful after they had been sanded and stained. Some of the old wood we left raw because of how beautiful the wood looked. 

 1. Cut and Sand your 5.5 x 5.5 scared wood pieces. Stan your wood per the instructions on your stain can. Let dry over night.

Tip: This projects goes so much better for beginners if you just prep all the wood ahead of time so your crafters can just get to work nailing along the template and not have to deal with wood staining. You can also just use the wood block raw to save time. They will still look beautiful.

I prepped 20 of these for a ladies craft night and painted and stained them in four different colors to give the ladies a few different wood options to choose from. I am loving the white wash wood because the colors pop. The dark stain looks really good if you are using light floss, and the lighter backgrounds looks better if you use the medium and dark embroidery floss colors.

These string art blocks you see in the pictures here were made by my kids and my brother who never does crafts. These mini String art templates make this craft so easy to follow anyone can feel good about. 

I designed six different designs for you to choose from and they are all themed around summer. There is a pineapple, anchor, blooming cactus, sun, and a feather.  I thinks these would looks so cute with anyones summer home decor. These would even make cute gifts for loved ones. 

Get This FREE Printable:
For easy printing of these summer themed Mini String Art Templates just head over to google docs. You can download the pdf. files or print them right out. 

There are four more mini String Art Template Designs To Come!!! So keep a look out for part two of these mini string art templates. 

Remember Sharing is Caring! 

Please share this Pinterest image below with your friends and family or save it to remember to make at another time. 

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  1. Thanks so much for the templates! My 5 y/o and I have prepped the wood and can't wait to get started on the designs.


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