Learning Through Hands On Play, With Bookids Quality Educational Toys

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The weather is turning warm and we are gearing up for summer, my favorite season. While summer is always something to look forward to at my house I sometimes worry that the kids will loose some of the knowledge they have worked so hard all year to gain.  Then I reassure myself with knowing that learning doesn't have to be done in a class room all the time. The best lessons that are learned and retained come from soaking in the world, exploring, wondering and through play. What better season to explore and learn hands on than summer? Play can double as learning and that is just what Bookid Toys do best with its amazing line of quality educational toys. 

We especially love the Bookid Durable Wooden City Block Toys for Toddlers. Even my big kids got in on the building action. 

These adorable and high quality blocks have the cutest little illustrations on them to spark the imagination and help little ones learn about city life with imaginative play. The graphic designer in me is swooning over the whimsical style of the simple designs painted on the blocks. The designs on the blocks really make this block set special. 

These wooden stacking blocks are also perfect for improving fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, and learning shapes and colors.

We are also enjoying the Vegetables & Colors puzzle set. The Puzzle set comes with four puzzles that have different levels of difficulties for your little one to advance up to. 

I love that these are teaching colors and the names of less popular vegetables that my kids may not really know the names of like eggplants. 

Our three year old asks to pull this puzzle set out at least a few times every week. She loves talking about the different vegetables and always calls the cucumber a pickle. 

Even our one year old baby girl likes to get in on the block action. The bucket that the City Blocks come in has this cool feature on the top lid where kids can sort the blocks through it and match and sort the shapes into the right bucket shaped wholes. 

She loves to try to fit the blocks in the lid, but her favorite thing is to watch others set up the city all nice and neat and then nocking them all down when her siblings least expect it. 

I love how my kids can quietly play with these City blocks for hours. You can just about see the little gears start to go on in their heads and their creativity begin to power up. 

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