How To Get Ready For The Birth Of Your Little One

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Your little one is on the way, and you couldn’t be any happier and more excited for their imminent arrival. Getting ready for the birth of your baby is a process and something that will take you months. You’ll have to plan how and where you want to deliver your baby and how you wish to decorate your baby’s room. You will have to read plenty of literature on the topic of pregnancy and birth so that you’re well aware of what you can expect from the coming months. You cannot be overprepared for the birth of your baby, so ask questions and find out all you can from friends and family. It is an exciting time, and you shouldn’t be short of words of advice and friendly suggestions.  

Have A Celebration  
Finding out your pregnant and preparing for a new arrival is a cause for celebration so you should celebrate your news and organize a baby shower when the time is right. Think about arranging the shower for when your feeling ready to have people visit and once morning sickness had abated, for example. Aim to organize your shower for around halfway through your pregnancy, or when you’re approaching your six or seventh month as this way you’ll be into the swing of things, and you’ll know what bits and pieces you still have to get for your little one before they arrive. You can invite other expectant parents to your party, such as any you have met in birthing classes. Provide some fun activities to play during at your shower, and download a variety of printable baby shower games as well as preparing alcohol-free mocktails, and providing a selection of nutritious snacks. Remember, when pregnant, you need to avoid raw fish, such as found in sushi, and blue cheeses during pregnancy, so leave these ingredients out of the snacks.  

Keeping Fit  
Although you will be required not to engage in anything too strenuous, it’s important to keep your fitness levels up in the runup to giving birth. You can walk easily until your third trimester, so try to stay active as much as you can during this time. Keeping fit is as simple as not retiring to bed or the sofa, and instead, getting out for a brisk walk as long as you have the energy. It’s important to that you do not overexert yourself, so walk if you feel able to, and don’t push yourself if you’re feeling tired and unwell. Swimming is a good choice to keep fit during pregnancy, as the water supports your weight, and for those moments, you can take all of the weight off your feet.  

Pack Your Bag 
If you plan on having your baby in the hospital, then you will need to prepare a bag to take with you and pack items for you and the baby. Packing your bag should be done ideally a few weeks before your due date. However, you don’t want to pack too early and find yourself having to shift items around to find the things you packed but need with you often. Youbag should include (but not be limited to) overnight clothes for yourself, a pair of comfortable slippers, your toiletries, as well as baby rompers, a small hat, and gloves to prevent your baby from scratching their delicate skin. 

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