Five Awesome DIY Projects for Kids to Enjoy This Summer

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The summer months are fast approaching, and you’ll want to make sure that your kids are occupied and entertained throughout the summer break. When the weather outside is nice, DIY projects are the perfect way to have some fun together as a family creating new things to enjoy or improving items you already have at home. Getting crafty is the perfect way to keep little hands busy throughout the summer and is awesome for learning new things and developing skills that can be shown off on your child’s return to school. We’ve put together some great DIY project ideas that you and your kids can work on this summer.  

#1. Building a Go-Kart: 
Go-karting is a fun activity for the whole family, but have you ever thought about building your own go-kart? Adult supervision will usually be required, so it’s a great family activity to work on at the weekends or during lighter summer evenings. And, building a go-kart together can be super educational for your little ones, allowing them to get hands-on and learn about how mechanics work through experience. Check out these Go Kart Engines to get started! 

#2. Lemonade Stand: 
Setting up their own lemonade stand is the perfect way for your little one to make some extra pocket money during the summer and can teach them valuable skills for life, such as handling money, communicating with customers, and even marketing! In fact, many of today’s top entrepreneurs started off with a lemonade stand as a kid. As long as you’ve got any necessary permissions for your child to sell lemonade outside your home, they can dip their toe into the world of business by providing passers-by with refreshing drinks in the heat.  

#3. Gardening: 
Summer is a time to spend outside enjoying the weather, so what better way to do it than in the garden? There are heaps of great gardening projects that you might want to consider, from planting flower beds to growing your own vegetable garden, or even installing a fish pond outside your home. Planting trees, creating DIY garden decorations, and building an outdoor playhouse or treehouse are some other great ideas that you might want to consider.  

#4. Design a Tree Swing: 
Tree swings have been a garden staple for kids for decades, so why not get one set up in your garden this summer? If you have a sturdy tree in your garden with a large, stable branch, all you’ll need is some strong rope and something to make the swing seat out of. A sturdy plank of wood will do just fine, or you could go with the traditional option of an old tire.  

#5. Pebble Decorating: 
Lastly, what would summer be without a visit to the beach? But, don’t just stop there – if you’re able to, why not collect some pebbles from the beach and take them home to decorate? They could become cute decorations for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even your garden.  
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