Daring & Dapper / Colors And Tracing Lines Pre-school Worksheets For Boys

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Help your Daring & Dapper little dude learn beginning writing and drawing skills with this introductory pre-school worksheet set designed with his handsome and curious self in mind. This is a double sided pre-pre school worksheet to introduce little ones to different lines of drawings. A great skill building worksheet to lead into writing and drawing. Plus its extra dapper with boys in mind. 

I previously created this Posh & Pretty pre-school worksheet for my daughter and had a lot of request to make a boy version as well. Even though I don't have any little boys Im so excited to release this FREE Daring & Daper Printable for all of your daring little boys to enjoy and learn from. 

I recommend laminating this printable for extra usage and learning fun. I had mine laminated and found multi colored dry erase markers at my local dollar store to go along with each color and dotted line. The dry erase markers and laminated Daring & Dapper worksheet take away the stress of making mistakes for little ones so they can just enjoy the practice. 

This Daring & Dapper pre-school worksheet is great to pull out a couple times a week and work on. As you go along ask your little dude what color the line is, or the boys bow ti, or the object the boy is trying to get to. Then try to encourage him to find the matching marker to go with that lines color. 

Bonus: Another bonus to practicing line drawing is it gives your little one practice holding the marker properly.

TIP: Try telling a little story of why the boy is trying to get to the object at the other end, it helps keep them motivated on focused on the line drawing task. 

At first you may just want to stick with a black marker as they get used to following the dotted lines. Then add color markers later to the learning sessions to introduce colors. Or just do the line drawing side and work you way up to doing the drawing side after a few days or weeks. Just go at your child's pace. No hurry keep it fun.

This activity usually takes us 30 minutes to do. And the more they practice the faster and steadier their hands get. 

Once the line drawing side is all done its time to put those new skills to work. On the other side of the Daring & Dapper Printable are a bunch of Boyish objects he can practice drawing and coloring in. 
A yellow dinosaur, a green tent, a red rocket, a blue donut, a brown truck, a black top hat, a purple suit and a dashing young boy. 

Download And  Print Daring & Dapper:
Its easy to print or download this two sided Daring & Dapper worksheet via google docs. Just click on this link to easily print and/or download it hassle free. 

Sharing is caring! Please share this Pinterest friendly image below of this Daring & Dapper worksheet with your friends and family on Pinterest or save it to print another time.  

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