10 Pest Prevention Tips to Utilize this Spring and Summer

6:10 PM

Warm weather is best enjoyed without the company of pests. If you want to keep your home free of rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other nuisances, you can’t do so passively. You need to take an active approach to pest prevention, and here are 10 tips to help you in your efforts.  

1. Improve Storage 

Whether it’s the bags you keep food in or the old boxes you use for winter clothes, shabby storage is a welcome invite for pests. Using plastic and containers with strong seals will provide a much better deterrent.  

2. Vacuum 

Even hardwood floors benefit from a good vacuuming. In addition to keeping your home tidy, using a vacuum is a good way to suck up pests your eyes would otherwise miss.  

3. Wash Linens in Hot Water 

Warming weather means bed bugs are on the rise. You should regularly inspect your bed, carpet, and pillows for these pests, then make sure to wash sheets and pillowcases in warm water to ensure they’re taken care of.  

4. Install Fly Screens 

Ideally, your efforts will focus on the exterior. Having fitted screens on windows and doors makes it less likely you’ll have issues on the interior.  

5. Dump Standing Water 

Because of places with warmer climates, a local pest control  will have a lot of focus on mosquitoes. The best place to start is eliminating their breeding spots and draining containers that filled with water during the winter and early spring.  

6. Check Garage Ceiling 

The garage can feel like an extension of the outdoors, making it the perfect entryway for pests. Check the ceiling for termites and wasp nests, then bring in pest services before those issues spread.  

7. Take Care of Pet Food 

One morsel of dog food can summon an army of ants. Keeping your pets’ feeding area tidy is an essential part of pest control.  

8. Keep Garbage Closed 

An open garbage will attract ants and rodents. An open bin outside can bring all types of wildlife. If you don’t want pests, don’t tempt them. 

9. Inspect Roof Drainage 

Clogged drains cause excess moisture and roof damage, luring pests, and potentially providing access to your attic. From the safety of the ground, look for clogs and damage and then reach out for professional assistance.  

10. Get Help 

Once you find an infestation or even see signs of a problem, it is time to reach out to your local pest control and get the problem handled efficiently! 

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