Prince Of Peace / Spiritual Easter Wall Banner Set (FREE Printable Craft)

6:17 PM

I thought it would be very fitting to decorate my home this Easter with symbols of peace. 

The olive branch has deep symbolism of peace going way back in history and also has many references to Jesus Christ himself. The word Gethsemane from the famous biblical Garden of Gethsemane means “olive press”. Olive trees are evergreens and are always bearing fruit all year long and even when chopped down will live again. Jewish tradition often refers to the olive tree as the tree of life. These are just a few of the reasons why I was inspired to create some Easter designs featuring the olive branch and the prince of peace.

This Easter wall banner set is easy to turn into a short little banner craft by adding a wood dowel and yarn for the hanging part and the tassel, or you can just add some hole punches on the top edges and string some yarn and hang it up that way. 

After I printed my Prince of Peace banners out, I added a few speckles of gold with a metallic marker to give it that fancy fun flair. 

Its recommended that you print this on heavy card stock. If properly stored flat you can reuse it next year without having to print off more. 

This printable comes with two prints. One with the words prince of peace and the other with the scripture from Isaiah 9:6

With the Easter bunny traditions outshining the real meaning of Easter I thought it was important to make some home decor with more spiritual symbolism. 

The Prince of Peace wall banner is part of the Prince of Peace printable collection. 
You can also get a framable version of this print and a matching flag banner with 

Its easy to print and download the Prince of Peace Wall Banner just head over to google docs and you can print from there or download and print later. 

I hope this banner design brings more peace into your home this Easter as you celebrate our saviors amazing sacrifice and love for us. 

Happy Easter! 

Please share this Pinterest picture version below with your friends and family or 
save to print next year.

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