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10:00 AM

This is a simple little thumb print craft your whole family can get to be apart of or you can personalize it with just one kid's finger prints if you would like. Its easy and simple but also super cute and has that special touch. We made our for my kids sweet grandparents. I loved this craft because we could even get our 18 month old baby girl involved.  

Originally there were only supposed to be six finger prints on the card. But my three year old added a few extra dots. So I improvised and turned them into random easter eggs. Lol! 

We tried a few methods to add the finger prints to the paper and decided plain old yellow craft paint worked best. Just dip and add to the paper. 

Let dry for a few hours or over night then add a few extra doodles. 

Our cheesy note inside says:
"You are the best grandparents these "peeps" could ever ask for. We hope you have a very Hoppy Easter filled with pecky kisses and loving wishes."

TIP: you may want to make a few of these cards at a time just in case one of them gets ruined. Especially if you have a big family like mine and its hard to round everyone together for a craft all  at the same time. ;) 

Please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save it to make for next year. Sharing is Caring! 

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