Going Away Party For Co-workers (Farewell To Old Job, New Job Survival Kit & Other Party Ideas)

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Sometimes the hardest thing about starting a new amazing job is leaving behind your co-workers. Sure you will probably try and see them and stay in contact when you can but it just won't be the same. Celebrate all the years and memories you have made together in a fun Going Away Party. 

My husband has been working at his job for over seven years and has gained some lifelong friendships there. I have watched him learn and grow in more ways than we ever thought he would. He even thought he would work there until he retired but he recently got an amazing job offer with an inovative company that we couldn't refuse. This is the type of job we have been waiting for our entire marriage and it is finally happening. We are beyond thrilled for this new chapter but it is also bitter sweet leaving a job and co-workers he has become to love and have so much respect for. 

To say farewell and celebrate all the good times with these amazing people we put on a Going Away Party that my husband will never forget. 

New Job Survival Kit:
I surprised my husband with a basket full of fun items for his new job and secretly contacted his co-workers and asked them to each bring an item to add to the new job survival kit. 

I just hand wrote all of the silly labels for his New Job Survival kit but I have put together this quick printable for you to easily print out. Of course you don't have to use all of the labels just use the ones you like. 

The Food:
We did dinner part Pot Luck style. We provided the fun Dirty Dr Pepper Drinks (nonalcoholic) and my husband made his famous Bold & Tangy Mississippi Roast with a side of rolls. We asked everyone to bring a side or dessert to share. This Mississippi Roast is a huge crowd pleaser and you can easily make larger serving of it for bigger parties without a lot more effort. 

This Beef Pot roast is a delicious take on a traditional dish and is cooked in a crock pot with banana peppers and other sensing packets. It also make your house smell amazing so no need for air freshener. 

Remember Me Party Game:
Remember Me Game is the perfect game for a Farewell party because it lets your guest share memories in a fun playful way. You can also keep the Memories as a memorabilia of all your co-workers. This game got lots of laughs and was the perfect heartfelt touch to the party. 

How To Play Remember Me:
Ask everyone to write three different memories on three different papers of the co-worker who is moving on. The memories are to be anonymous. You don't want the guest of honor to be able to guess its you. 

Once the memories are written fold them up and put them all in a bowl. Have someone thats not the guest of honor read them out-loud. If the guest of honor guesses the memory is from you, you do NOT get a point, if the guest of honor guest wrong you DO get a point. The player with the most points wins a prize. If you have a tie they rock paper scissors it out. 

The memories should only be about a sentence or two, or can even be just a couple of clue words. 

We tried to keep it low key and only had one game so people could enjoy visiting the rest of the night. As the last person left the party my husband came over to me and said the party was amazing and the evening was bitter sweet but that he was so glad we did this. 

Fun Farewell Party Playlist Suggestions:

Bye, Bye Bye, - NSYNC
Good Riddance - Green Day
One More Day - Diamond Rio
Farewell - Rihanna
50 Ways To Say Goodbye - Train
Your Gonna Miss This -Trace Adkins
Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
Leaving On A Jet Plane - Peter Paul and Mary
Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles 
Happy Trails To You - Roy Rodgers
Nananana Hey Hey Hey Good Bye - Bananarama
Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Here's To The Night - Eve Six
You've Got A Friend In Me - Toy Story

 "To Every End there is a new beginning."

Hope this helps inspire you for your upcoming Going Away Party.
Please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save for your next party. 

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