Budget Party Planning for Your Kids

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Just because you are on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw your kids a party that they will never forget. The key components of a great celebration can either be assembled or made in a number of different ways, and this article is here to talk about a few of them. So, let’s get the party started!

Trim Down the Guestlist

The more guests you have at the party, the bigger your budget is going to have to be. And it is likely that your son or daughter will only have a handful of special friends that they need to make their party enjoyable. Obviously, you should consult with your kids as much as possible, encouraging them to choose the friends who they are closest to.

Bake a Birthday Cake Yourself

Rather than ordering a complicated and expensive cake from a bakery, why not take a shot at baking one yourself? Make sure that you get plenty of decorative features like frosting and sprinkles or you could even invest in a simple cake topper. Otherwise, you could get your kids involved in the baking project themselves as a fun family project.

Choose Decorations Carefully

When you are choosing decorations, rather than simply going for the generic ones that you find in your average party store, you could instead opt for something personalised like custom stickers for birthday parties. Another nice option is to make some decorations yourself, giving you and your kids the chance to get a little creative.

Look at Free Entertainment Sources

Rather than hiring out an expensive entertainer, why not look into some classic free entertainment sources like party games? There are all sorts to choose from, and the rules are easily accessible online. If you are looking for something outdoors, you could host some of the party in a public park or organise a sporting match that all the kids get involved in.

Serve Inexpensive and Easy Food

Something like pizza is always going to be a popular choice no matter what party you are hosting. You could either order these or even host a pizza party in which the kids make their own. Otherwise, you could cook a simple dish like casserole or lasagna which can be made in a single pot and left in the oven while you organise other aspects of the party.

Send Electronic Invites

Electronic invites are so much more efficient - and best of all - they are free! You can also get creative when you are making the e-invites, using GIFs, videos and other effects.

As you can see, planning a party for your kids doesn’t have to cost the earth. Sure, you may have to put in a little more time and effort, but get the kids involved and they will feel happy that they are playing such an active role in creating the event that they want.   

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