What Should You Be Feeding Your Family?

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Some people will have their preferred meal plans , their go to meals if you will. But is it what they should be feeding their family. There are a lot of facts and figures out there now that tell us what’s good and what’s not. But determining what is true is another story. There’s always new discoveries being made about the foods we once thought were healthy for us, and there’s always something new we’re being told to add to our diets. So whilst there’s no set guide on what you should actually be feeding your families, there are basic guidelines that we’d like you to follow. If you’re interested, read on to find out more.

Meats & Fish

Meats and fish are an essential part of our diet, for vegans, there are plenty of alternatives to try that will have the same vitamins and minerals included. bUt you need to be careful what meat you’re eating, and how you’re actually cooking it. For example, bacon cooked in olive oil in a pan isn’t going to be good for you. Bacon in general isn’t the best, it’s salt and fat content are one of the highest out of the meats. But lean red meats and chicken is something we need in our diets. It is a good source of protein, vitamin B12, and zinc which helps to maintain the immune system. Nutritionists recommend a balanced diet full of red meats and chicken, and a consultation with one might even be worth a visit. A quick search for a nutritionist near me in Google should bring one up in your local area. We know how important your families health is to you, so getting a better understanding from a professional will do you the world of good. A lot of the time they can give you different recipes to try as well!


These have long been an essential part of the diet, but how hard is it to get your children to eat vegetables?! We’re guessing really hard. Children can be so stubborn with it, so getting it into the diet is always a challenge. But the benefits of vegetables are huge. Broccoli and spinach are both rich in vitamin C, which is essential for the immune system. To try and get it into their diet, we recommend using a drizzle of lemon whilst cooking them to bring out the flavours. A shepherd's pie with the broccoli inside the actual minced beef section is an easy way of sneaking it in, and it tastes delicious. The more vegetables you can get into the diet, the better. Too much meat can eventually have a negative effect, but vegetables you will never have this issue with.

We would talk about fruit, but there is more and more controversy about whether it is good for you, or bad. We all know it is more good than bad, but they do have a really high sugar content, something that isn’t good for children. Things like bananas aren’t as bad, but too many apples or orange a day can actually rot your teeth, as well as begin to damage your health. 

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