Daddy Daughter Fairy Tale Tea Party (Everything You Need Guide)

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A proper tea party is a right of passage for any little girl and when you add in her prince charming... things just get down right magical. 

After a few weeks of planning we put on a tea party fit for any little fairy princess. The whole family got in on the fun and it was one party we will all be sure to never forget.  My three year old especially keeps asking for more tea parties with daddy. Putting on a tea party can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like it and can be put on in any budget. The possibilities are endless. 

We are in love with Adagio Fairy Tale Tea varieties for children. They are even tasty enough for the Adults to enjoy the unique flavors. We loved that the teas also come in beautiful collectable tins. Thanks to Adagio tea company and their wonderful Fairy Tale teas I was inspired to put on my daughters first proper tea party with real tea and everything. Normally we sit around pretend-sipping air out of plastic cups so this was a treat for the parents as well. 

While prince charming and his sons were out shoveling snow the girls and I got to work clearing out their room and setting it up for the tea party. We thought the floral mural wall would make a great backdrop to this epic Fairy Tale tea party. 

Once the fold out table was set up on some buckets and draped with a table cloth is was time to shop our own house and see what fairy tale items we had that would go well with the tea party. We found so many goodies to accompany the Pink Kids Tea Party Set that was the centerpiece of our tablescape. An old musical jewelry box of mine from high school, a bunny planter, a rocking horse, faux greenery and a springtime bunny night light that worked perfectly propped up on our mini cake stand. 

This tea party also doubled as a fancy lunch so we added little heart cookies we found at the grocery store and made a variety of finger sandwiches. And for desert... chocolate kisses of course. So romantic! 

We kept the variety of sandwiches simple, ham & cheese sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, and then of course we had to include the classic tea sandwich of choice... the cucumber and cream cheeses sandwich. 

Simple Cucumber & Cream Cheese Finger Sandwich Recipe

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Simple Cucumber & Cream Cheese Tea Sandwich
An easy classic cucumber sandwich recipe perfect for fairy tale tea parties
  • 1 Cucumber Thinly Sliced
  • 1/2 cup Mayonaise
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 4oz Cream Cheese
  • 1 tsp Dill seasoning
  • to taste salt and pepper
  • 6 slices Bread
1. Slice Cucumbers thinly leaving the skin on. Do not do it too paper thin or it will loose a little bit of the crunch. 2. Mix 4oz of cream cheese (half of the brick) with the mayo. If cream cheese is too cold and hard put it in the microwave for 15 seconds then mix with mayo. Mix in the garlic powder, dill. Mix until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste. 3. Put a thin layer of the cream cheese spread on both sides of sandwich. Then layer on the cucumber slices. Overlap the cucumbers a little bit so the entire surface of the bread is covered in cucumbers. 4. Once your cucumber sandwich is all assembled cut the crust off with a knife. Do not cut the crust off before you have made the sandwich all the way or the edges will be very uneven. Then cut the sandwich into six to eight mini sandwiches. Repeat with remaining sandwiches.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 3 to 4 sandwiches

I don't know what it is about mini sandwiches but they just seem so sophisticated and ladylike. 

Now that we are all set up and some of the guest have arrived (the stuffed ones that is) its time to get ourselves all fancy. 

When prince charming arrived in his Sunday best the girls fairy princesses escorted him to the floral Tea Room where the guest were anticipating their entrance.

The Adagio Fairy Tale Story teas were an instant success as the fairy princesses gobbled sipped down their teas and begged requested for more.

It was a good thing that prince charming was available to help the fairy princesses moderate the amount of sugar they were trying to put in their tea. Fairy princesses sure do have a sweet tooth. 

The conversation was lively and only muffled occasionaly by mouthfuls of sugar cookies.

To take full advantage of the whimsical tea flavors one must submerge cookies and sandwiches in tea and utilizes the tea as dip. Slurping tea off ones fingers can also prove as a way in enhance the tea experience. According to the toddler you wouldn't want to waste one drop. 

Tea and lunch was put on a brief intermission to allow for the dance portion of the afternoon to comence. Prince Charming was quite the favorite and never lacked for a dance partner. Once the guest had exerted themselves sufficiently it was back to tea and sandwiches.

The afternoon progressed on with ease as light hearted laughter filled the air. 

There was never a dull moment. 

As the party began to wind down, and the bellies began to bulge the guest still remained animate in their lofty goal to taste test all the teas in the Story Time and Fairy Tale tea collections, six varieties in all. The Alice In Wonderland tea was becoming a quick favorite (especially of Prince Charming) with its exotic rose petal, berries and apple flavors. 

The Cinderella tea was definitely the more interesting and fun of all the teas, a pumpkin tea blend with apples, cinnamon and reships that couldn't be more appropriate for a Cinderella themed tea. 

Everyone had fun deciding which teas were their ultimate favorite. My favorite was the Three little Pigs flavor this is the description on the back of the tin: A delicious tea to make you tough as bricks, smarter than the big bad wolf, and you chinny chin chin always pointed up. 

The service was amazing and the staff was handsome and charming. In the end the fairy princesses  couldn't help but invite the waiters to dine on some tea and sandwiches. 

Everyday is a good day for a tea party. But a rainy or snowy day is even better. If it's not warm and friendly outside why not make it warm and friendly inside. 

Hope you enjoyed reading all about out Daddy Daughter tea party adventure. Here are some tips and tricks below to help you put on a magic fairy tale tea party of your own with a little less hassle. 

Eight Tips & Tricks For A Fairy Tale Tea Party

1. Get A Real Tea Pot: A real tea pot is a great investment and will help make your tea party more legit. Adagio Teas has the perfect child size tea pot set that you can even use with loose leaf tea and it comes with four child size cups and the Snow White teas in a cute collectable tin. 

2. Collect Fun Teas: A variety of teas and flavors keeps your tea party going and its always memorable to try new things. 

3. Add A Princess Playlist: Pandora has a secret princess playlist called "Princess Things Radio"

4. Dancing: Make sure to include a dance party portion to you Princess tea party especially if your very own prince charming is in attendance. It also helps get the wiggles out because fairy princesses can only sit still for so long. 

5. Dress up: The sparklier the better when it comes to a fairy tale princess tea party. Adding fun and silly accessories to a simple church dress can do wonders for the imagination. 

6. Service: If you can add a butler or two for the occasion. Our sons surprised us while were putting the tea party on for the girls. We heard a knock on the door and in walked my two handsome tween boys dressed to the nines with red flowers in their pockets as boutonnieres asking if we would like more sandwiches. LOL! That was probably my favorite part of the party. 

7. The Sides: Tea is more fun when its just not tea. Add little cookies, sandwiches, biscuits and/or cake to dress up any tea party. 

8. Set Up Surprise: Make the tea party a surprise tea party. Remember tea parties are not just fun for little girls anyone would love to walk in on a surprise tea party just for them. 

Hope you enjoyed this Tea Party post and remember Sharing is Caring!

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