5 Reasons why it is ok to allow your child to struggle with a task

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As parents, the last thing we want is to see our children struggle. Whether this is struggling with homework, with something physical such as sports or perhaps something like doing up their shoes. This means that our natural instinct is to help them, to make sure that the thing they are finding difficult is no more.

But is this always the best approach to take? Or are we causing them issues that we might not realise are there. We think that sometimes, it is okay to let your child struggle with a task. However, we know that this is usually going to be alien to us as caring and nurturing parents. So, to help you to see why it can be a good thing, James Goldsmith at 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk has together the 5 reasons why it is okay to allow your child to struggle with a task.

1. Making mistakes is a key part of development
Mistakes are not always the nicest things to go through, however, they are definitely a key part of development. Mistakes allow us to see where we have gone wrong, even in the simplest task and helps us to find a way that we can approach it differently the next time around. We all grow when we make mistakes and in the long-term they help us to find solutions to some challenges that we may face.

2. Failing allows children to be ready for the real world
The real world isn’t easy, and this is something that many parents forget that they need to teach their children. Whilst they are with us, they may be protected from this fact, but what happens when they go out and find themselves in the real world? Nine times out of ten, they won’t have us there to help them. It may seem that helping them to tie their shoelaces at home isn’t going to have a huge impact, but what happens when they are out at the park, or they are at school and their laces come loose? How will they know what to do?
3. Struggling can improve the brain
This particular point is incredibly relevant to learning and of course the dreaded task of homework. Whilst your child may become frustrated when the simply are struggling to comprehend and understand a task, the last thing you should do is step in to “help” or should that be “complete it or them”. After all, how can you ever expect them to learn what they need to, if you are doing the hard work for them. Not only is this going to have a short term effect on what they are learning, but it also is going to have a longer term effect on their education, such as when they are in a classroom and the teacher won’t help them or is testing them on their knowledge.

4. It teaches them to persevere
Giving up is never a good trait for a child, or an adult for that matter, to have. Therefore, perseverance is an important characteristic to teach your child. You need to show them that keeping on going is the right approach and that determination and dedication to something is going to be the key way to get what you are looking for.
5. It shows them that you need to try to succeed
The last thing that any child should learn is that they can simply click their fingers and get what they want. In fact, knowing that sometimes you need to put in the effort and push through the struggle, just to get where you want to be in the long term is key. By allowing them to struggle through with a task themselves, you are showing them that sometimes you need to work hard to get the success that you want. Rather than giving up and simply letting someone else do it for you.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should be standing back and letting your child struggle. No matter how hard it can be to watch, it is an incredibly valuable part of their development, and in the long run, can have a hugely positive impact on them as people.

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