XOXO Tic Tac Toe (Free Valentine Printable)

12:33 AM

A sweet interactive school valentines with X's and O's. "Lets Play XOXO Tic Tac Toe!" Add Sixlets, Skittles, M&M's, or Red Hots and play a sweet game of tic tac toe. 

We really love valentines in our family. I think its a wonderful little holiday. Some people may say its too commercialized or that they don't need a day to remind them to tell their loved ones "I Love You!" I say "why not?" Why not have a holiday that celebrates love?! We celebrate all sorts of things, spooks, imaginary leprechauns, patriotism, the dead, a jolly old elf, we even have national cheese day so why not celebrate love.

I think its great that we dedicate one day a year to celebrate and encourage each other to put a little bit more love out there in the world. 

I hope these sweet little tic tac toe valentines brightens someone day. While I made these for my two boys in elementary school, Valentines is not solely for kids and lovers. Maybe print these out and take them to people in your neighborhood or you co-workers. 

Adding a simple interactive game your kids or your friends can play together with,  takes this simple valentine up a whole notch. 

FREE XOXO Tic Tac Toe Printable here at google.docs for easy printing and downloading. 

Remember Sharing Is Caring

Please share this Pinterest friendly image of this Valentine with your friends or your family or save it for printing next year. 

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