What to Look for in a Family Friendly Rug

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 Finding a rug that can cope with the busy family home is more than a difficult task sometimes. With a number of things to consider such as color, material and design, what are the key things to look for to guarantee a long life for your new rug?  

In an ideal world you will want a rug that perfectly combines durability and style to give you that all important practicality as well as style. So, let's take a look at some of the ways you can keep your home aesthetically pleasing as well as fairly low maintenance.  


Possibly one of the most important factors when It comes to your rugs the color. Not just for design purposes, but color will determine how long you spend maintaining it. Its no surprise that choosing a light or pale color isnt a wise choice in a family home. With the number of spills and scuffs that are inevitable, this will quickly diminish the color of your pretty light rug. Instead, look at rugs that are slightly darker in tone as this will make masking those imperfections noticeably easier. Grey rugs are a perfect example and are a great middle ground when it comes to color. Darker colors however are hugely popular right now, overtaking those neutral tones that we have become accustomed to. Bolder and more colorful looks are very much on trend, so this will make your home both stylish and practical.  

If youre wanting to keep your home light and airy there are still ways of using these paler colors. Look at beiges and creams rather than whites. White is a very unforgiving color and would leave much to be desired as soon as a muddy footprint or juice spill occurs. You can also look at patterned rugs or rugs with a design. These patterns and designs are far better at hiding damages than a plain light rug.  


In a busy family home youll be needing a rug material that has incredible durability. With kids and or pets running around at all hours your rug will need a great amount of longevity. With that in mind, rugs with longer pile lengths are to be avoided. This includes shaggy or fluffy rugs. While these offer warmth and texture underfoot, they are easily ruined with heavy footfall and dont fare too well with mud or food spills. These rugs also trap dust and dirt quicker than shorter pile rugs, so will probably leave you getting the hoover out more than youd like. Look instead for a shorter pile rug such as just, hand woven or knotted rug.  


The one thing we never want to talk about, cleaning. Unfortunately this should be something you put at the top of your list when looking for a rug. As previously mentioned, shaggy rugs will leave you hovering more and in a busy family home this isnfavorable. The good news is generally the more expensive the rug, the harder it is to clean. Cheaper rugs made with more generic materials like nylon and acrylic are far easier to clean with normal products. This gives your rug the longevity it needs to withstand the family lifestyle.  

There you have it, a few key factors to keep in mind when shopping for your next family home rug!  

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