Lets Eat Chocolate! Valentine Sweethearts Art (FREE Printable)

1:30 PM

Let's Eat Chocolate And Watch Chick Flicks! These have to be some of the sexiest words I have ever heard next to "Honey, I deep cleaned the whole house." 

These two shy love birds are taking a chance on love this year with some heart felt goodies. But little does he know, chocolate and chick flicks are just what this gal needs this Valentine's day (he must have got a tip from his sister) Maybe there is a Reese Witherspoon redox movie in that envelope, or maybe his idea of a chick flick is Rocky, either way these two are about to get their cuddle on. 

In the spirit of Valentines Day I have a lovely printable for you. It comes in two varieties, white and pink backgrounds. 

There is even a Chalkboard Version of this printable I did a few years ago you can still get for free here: "Be Mine" Valentine Illustrated Chalkboard Printable 

Get the easy to use, print and download of this "Lets Eat Chocolate!" through google.docs 
This art print is for personal use only, its perfect for using for valentine cards, greetings or frame it for some cute decor. 

Remember Sharing Is Caring!

Please share this Pinterest version image below of this printable with your friends and family. Also commenting is super nice to! 

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