Interactive Frozen Winter Wonderland - Ice Castles In Midway Utah

12:06 AM

Ice Castles isn't just an attraction is a once a year man made winter phenomenon that we get to emerge ourselves in. The fact that people have engineered and perfected the making of real ice castles that seem right out of a Disney movie is something you just have to see. 

The first Ice Castle made was right here in Utah and now they have four locations in the US, two in Canada and have even made one in New Zealand this past summer. The acre large Ice Castle here in Utah is located in the beautiful town of Midway Utah on the Historical Homestead Resort. 

Ice Castles in Midway boast a beautiful one of a kind family friendly interactive experience with multiple ice slides, Ice formations, water features, photo ops, and treats. We can't wait to go with our kids and will be sharing all the details in an upcoming review/guide to Ice Castles With Kids. 

This is our first time to Ice Castles, even though they are located just 45 minutes from us and have been put on for years now. We have been hearing about them for years and are beyond thrilled to check out what all the fuss is about. 

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