Exploring Ice Castles In Midway Utah With Kids

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Ice Castles is definitely something every family should come and experience or even make a yearly winter tradition. Ice Castles in Midway Utah is an acre long Ice fortress expertly created every winter on the Homestead Resort and is open for the public to come explore and enjoy. 

What To Expect:

Fire Pits, Music, Concessions, Multiple ice slides for different ages, overlook area, ice thrones, mini water pond, water show fountain, small caves to crawl through, crevices to squeeze through and explore. The small caves, tunnels and crevices are optional to explore. 

You can get around the ice castles without having to squeeze through anything. The Ice Castles are not wheelchair or stroller friendly. A sled is recommended for pulling around your things and little ones. 

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Ice Castle Visit:

1. Wear sledding like clothes that are super warm and if you can maybe even a little waterproof so you can enjoy the slides and sitting on the wet and icy thrones. The slides are open for grown ups to. 

2. Bring extra money for hot chocolate and other warm concessions. Having these fresh warm treats will be a fun addition to the experience and help keep you warm. 

3. Get there early. This place fills up pretty fast as the night goes on. You must buy tickets in advance and I suggest you get the earliest or latest time slots, because it can get crowded. Also tickets sell out fast so plan to buy your tickets four to five days ahead of time. 

4. Weekends are more crowded but they have fire shows and Elsa visits on the weekends. 

5. Use your imagination. Bring the magic of the Ice Castles to life with a lively imagination. Play make believe games with your kids, like who lives in this cave or What kind of king used to sit on this throne? Your kids will eat it up! 

This was my families and mine first time to Ice Castles. We had heard so much about it in previous years and have always wanted to go. 

The slides were the first things the kids begged us to go see. I even got in on the action and just had to slide down an ice slide. The slides are located in different areas. There are smaller ones for anyone who wants to go down them and then there are two bigger ones that are a little faster that you go down on matts. Those are probably best left to ages five and up.

The water feature was a beautiful surprise. You could see the water shooting up above the walls in the first area. It was very mysterious looking and then once you get to the water fountain its even better with changing lights and different water spout patterns that look like they are dancing to the music. 

These colors and play on light is out of this world!

There are lots of fun crevices and secret passageways to explore and try to fit into.

The Ice Castles are divided up into two large areas and each area has tons of fun Ice formations to explore. There is an overlook area you can walk up to and look out into the large first area. I loved how everything was made up of ice even the ramp to the overlook area. 

There are fun ice thrones all over the place even in come of the caves you had to crawl into. There were small thrones, large thrones and even double thrones. And almost all of the thrones lit up into different colors. 

Seeing the amazing ice formations is reason enough to visit Ice Castles but I also love all the thought and consideration put in to make it a winter wonderland for kids to explore and play. 

Plan your visit to Ice Castles and get your tickets before it all melts away at icecastles.com There are four locations in the US and two in canada. You can find the location near you also at Ice Castles Website. 

Right now we are having a giveaway on my Facebook page. Win a family pack of four tickets to Ice castles. Its easy to win just head over to my Facebook page to enter to win. 

Sharing Is Caring! Please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save it for next years Ice Castles. 

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  2. Did the ice castles already come and go for the year 2018


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