4 Ways to Make Your Home as Comfy as Possible for Your Pet Dog

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When you have a pet dog, it's normal to want to make your dog's life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. One of the most important steps for ensuring your dog is healthy and happy is by making sure you take him to the vet regularly for dog medicine (like Trifexis, which can ward off ticks and fleas). You can also work to make your home comfortable and inviting for a dog, so you can make sure that your dog feels just as at home living in the space as his humans. Here are some ways that you can make your house particularly cozy for your beloved furry friend. 

Offer Your Dog a Soft Bed 
Did you know that most dogs spend about 50 percent of the day sleeping? This means that they spend a lot of time lying down and that they'll want something soft to lie down on. Make sure you have a bed that's specifically meant for your dog, and if you keep your dog in a crate, make sure there's a bed in the crate, as well. Offering your dog his own bed can ensure he doesn't get sore or stiff from the floor, and also provide comfort if you don't like your pets to spend time on the furniture. 

Create a Quiet Space 
Your dog may very well love being the center of attention, but chances are that there are times that your dog will want some peace and quiet, too. To give him that, carve out a corner of the house that is specifically for him. Consider putting a bed in the mudroom or laundry room, where humans don't usually spend time. That way if your dog is really tired or overwhelmed he can escape there, finding a safe and relaxing spot where he can rest or decompress. 

Make Water Available 
Your dog gets thirsty a lot. But, unlike you, he doesn't have the capacity to quench his thirst whenever he needs. So, make it easy for him to stay hydrated and comfortable by making multiple water bowls available to him throughout the house. Make sure you check the water bowls to ensure that they're filled throughout the day. That way, your dog won't have to beg you for water, and he'll feel good and hydrated while he spends his days romping and playing. 

Fence in Your Yard 
Dogs need exercise. Not only does it keep their hearts healthy and their muscles strong, it also helps them expend their excess energy. This can help your dog feel happier and help them avoid getting into trouble by doing naughty things (like chewing clothes and slippers, tearing up furniture, etc.) Consider fencing in your yard if you have a dog. That way, you can take your dog on walks daily, but you can also provide your dog with space for running and playing, and you will know he is safe even if you're not around to supervise him. 
Having a dog is a great way to enjoy a companion and enrich your life. However, it can also take some work to ensure your dog lives the best life possible. By devoting some time to your living space and ensuring it's properly equipped for a pet, you can make sure that your house is a safe, comfortable and enjoyable spot for all of the creatures that live there. 

Lannie, writer for AllivetAllivet provides affordable pet supplies and pet medications, all of which can be purchased online. 

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