Using Black In Your Kitchen Decor

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Black is such a great color - it’s slimming to wear, it’s sleek, sophisticated and meaningful. So why isn’t it used more in home decor? When you think about a black kitchen, you think about an ultra-modern room, with shiny black cabinets and matching floor and countertop. And where that might work for some, it really doesn’t for others. But there are ways to incorporate black into your kitchen in a way that creates depth and space rather than making the room feel dark and small.


Rather than having pure black cabinets, just have black handles. They look great in metal or painted wood - you can even just repurpose your existing handles by painting them. Whether you choose knobs or grip handles is up to you, but put against white these accents look amazing.

Chalk Wall

Use a small wall, or just paint a section and frame it with a repurposed old frame, or a modern thin, gold frame. Chalk walls are great for leaving memos or writing shopping lists, and what better place for those things than in the kitchen?

Feature Lighting

Industrial style lighting is right on trend at the moment, and the over-sized, exposed bulbs look fantastic hanging from black piping. Check out these great examples for ideas. You can have the exposed light encased in a cage style lamp shade, or simply have them hanging down. Black also looks fantastic on a chandelier - but, if this is more your style, make sure you pick one that fits the size of your kitchen.


Most sinks are silver or white, but black kitchen sinks can look incredibly sophisticated. This is a block of black in the room, but because most of it is on a lower level, you don’t notice it too much as you look around the room, yet it still manages to catch the eye in a pleasing and delicate way.


You can get some beautiful black plants, but we’re thinking more about the pots. You can get some great circular pots that fix to the wall where you can grow herbs or succulents easily. The contrast of the black and the vibrant green works to draw light into the room. Plants should be present all over the house as they offer so many benefits, so why should the kitchen be any different?


As with the cupboards, maybe opt out of the solid black countertop. However, black accents here can add depth and draw the eye. White and black marble looks timeless and beautiful - and doesn't have to cost the earth. Instead of replacing the entire counter, use sticky-back plastic to cover your existing workspace. And we you next want to re-decorate, just peel it off and apply your new pattern. Or, you can use MDF and white paint to create the perfect marble look.

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