The Magic of The North Pole Comes Alive In Your Own Home with This Interactive App

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I am beyond thrilled to be working with Portable North Pole (PNP) on this sponsored post this holiday season and sharing with you the coolest interactive Christmas App out there.

As I started diving into the Portable North Pole app and all of its custom Christmas services and interactive products I was blown away by the sheer ingenuity of it all. My husband could hear me clear across the house shouting “What?! No, way!” every couple of minutes as I discovered another element of dare I say… magic?! I could not wait to get this set up so I could experience the custom Santa videos with my kids especially my three year old.

To say these are custom Santa Videos and Calls feels like a disservice to what Portable North Pole has created. It's so much more. There are so many layers of customization, video options, video delivery options, and thoughtful details in every inch of this app and service.

I love that you can pick from several video options and they have even more coming soon. I am really looking forward to the “For Adults” custom Santa video and the “For Groups” custom Santa video. The quality and production value of these videos will blow you away and immerse your little ones in the magic world of the North Pole, heck I was completely mesmerized!

There are so many favorite things that Portable North Pole offers and one of them is the interactive toys and gifts. Each item comes with its own code to unlock even more custom videos that has to do with that specific item. My three year old daughter is completely in love with her new elf in training and her code unlocks custom videos to help her train her Do-good elf to become one of Santa's elves in a series of four high quality customized videos. You get to name your elf and he or she comes with a passport to go along with the videos.

These interactive toys and gifts are a great way to not just deliver an amazing gift this Christmas but also you are delivering an amazing experience they will never forget. It can even become a new tradition and can be added upon each year.

Now here is the really big deal, ready for it… each video comes with an option to RECORD their reaction right along with the custom video. So if you don't live near your sweet little one you can still enjoy seeing their sweet little faces as they experience this amazing gift tailored just for them. I recorded my daughter's sweet reaction because it is the first time Santa has ever sent her anything in the mail and/or has ever sent her a direct message.

From the moment she received the big box from Santa she was in Christmas heaven. Her favorite thing from the PNP Toys And Gifts box has definitely been the beautiful elf doll. She has taken it everywhere with her. She named the elf Holly Berry and says her favorite food is grapes and her favorite color is “Brown-ies.”

The main Santa message video was easy to set up on the app or the browser. I prefer the app because of the awesome “kids corner” option. I chose the “Your Big Book” video. My three year old was immediately drawn in by the opening scene of beautiful North Pole snow and the cheerful elves as they pulled up her photo and information on their elf tech screens. The helpful elves went on to introduce her to Santa himself and the workshop. The story continues as they have a little mishap with some glue and Santa's Naughty or Nice book. Once Santa finally gets his book he goes over what a great year my daughter has had and what she wants for Christmas. Which somehow he is spot on about. This shouldn't be surprising since he is Santa after all. I also love that there is a custom part where Santa encourages your kid to do better in a certain area that they actually need to work on. This custom video ends with a verdict of either Nice, Somewhat Nice or Naughty. When customizing the video parents can choose the outcome of this verdict. I like that there is a celebration for making the nice list and encouragement to do better if you make it on the other lists. My three year old had enthusiastically requested to watch her Santa Video at least three times before dinner that night.

The real surprising thing is that this App is geared towards three to eight year olds who believe in Santa still, and while my three year old absolutely loved every minute of this and it made her whole world, my big kids and I were losing our minds over how cool this was too. I made videos for each of my tween boys for fun and their reactions were priceless! They were dying with surprise, laughter and wonder. It was so cool to see this kind of reaction about Santa, I thought those days were long gone for them but PNP pulled it off. Even my husband and gown adult sister were like “Do I get one?! I want one?!” That's why I’m extra excited they are going to be releasing other Santa videos geared toward grown ups. You can even have it anonymously emailed to whoever you want. (It’s from the North Pole so it add to the magic.) This seriously is the perfect gift to brighten and add a little magic to just about anyone's life. And if you don’t believe in Santa Claus, a gift like this just might bring that spark again.

There are so many cool things about Portable North Pole, and I just don't have the space to name them all so you will have to go check them out and discover the magic for yourselves. I'm so thrilled that PNP reached out to me for this awesome opportunity to check out the wonderful things they do. My family and I have loved exploring their app and are absolutely in love with the videos and all the beautiful plush toys and gifts they sent us.

While this post is sponsored by Portable North Pole I couldn't wait to share this fun company with you all. All opinions and shared experiences are 100% honest and my own and I would never recommend a product of service I didn't love.

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