Light The World 2017 / Day 21 / Dinner & Dishes - Creative Ways To Feed The Hungry / Christmas Service Project (FREE Printable)

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It's day ONE of Light The World Initiative. I am so excited about being apart of 25 Ways In 25 Days,  a daily challenge to do different acts of service every day leading up to Christmas. I truly believe as we lose ourselves in service to our fellow man not only do we add more light to the world but we add more light to ourselves, our home and our families.

Ever feel like you need a pick me up? Do service. Ever feel like you are losing control? Do service. Ever feel like the world is falling apart? Do service. The fastest way to our heavenly father and his light is through service. Service doesn't have to be big, small acts of service can often make the biggest impact in someone's life, and the best thing about service... anyone can do it. It doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank, how busy you are, or how physically or mentally capable you are, everyone has something to give.

This Christmas lets "Light Up The World" with goodness, charity, and love!

Fellow bloggers from all over have come up with incredibly creative ways for you and your family to serve each day. You can make it a family challenge, or a personal one. This year each day of the year comes with a small inspirational scripture (Official Scripture Calendar You can get here) to help inspire you to do good and bring the light of our Savior into your life and others.

I was inspired by November 21st Scripture "For I Was An Hungered And Ye Gave Me Meat." -Mathew 25:35. Who do you know that could use a meal? Bringing someone a meal seems like such a small thing, but it can tremendously lift the burden of another. Here are five creative ways to "Feed The Hungry" In your own lives

Five Fun Ways To "Feed The Hungry"

1. Serve Your Family: Make your family their favorite meal, or just do dessert for dinner. Even better: get the whole family in on the action and cook together. Sometimes when we think of service we only think outside our home. Sometimes the people within the walls of our own home need your service the most.

2. A Sub For Lunch: Buy an extra sub sandwich or two and hand them out to a homeless person, or a random person that looks like they could use a pick me up. You can even ask someone in your neighborhood if they would like to meet up for lunch, or if you can quickly drop by and bring them some lunch.

3. Pass It Behind You: If you're at the drive-through window of your favorite fast food joint, picking up dinner, give the cashier an extra five bucks to put toward the order of the person behind you in the drive up line.

4. Feed The Birds: Make a bunch of bird feeders and put them all over your yard or a neighboring park. Feed the hungry winter birds in your neighborhood. Get easy instructions to make your own overnight bird feeders here.

5. A Night Off To An Expectant Mother. Who's more hungry than a pregnant lady? My family and I decided it would be fun to bring expectant mothers in our neighborhood Dinner & Dishes on us. So no cooking or cleanup for mom to be. Making a baby is hard work, you're worn out, tired and hungry all the time. One of the kindest things you can do for an expectant mom is giving her a night off from worrying about cooking and doing the dishes. Don't just bring her dinner but include paper disposable dishes as well for that extra thoughtful touch.

Get this free Dinner & Dishes On Us printable gift tag to bring someone in your neighborhood the gift of a night off. This printable comes in three different colors to choose from.

For more Light The World inspiration and service ideas, go to MORMON.ORG!

Spread the word and the light by sharing this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family

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