Family Gifts To Enjoy On Christmas Day

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When you’ve had quite a few family Christmases together, the activities you did one year too many can get a little boring after a while. That means we need to get a little more creative with what we’re planning to do this year; we still have time to set something out! You never know, you could actually end up starting a new tradition that continues for years and is always fun to put a spin on. Check out a few of these gift ideas you can give to the family for Christmas day to enjoy all together.

Buy an Old Board Game

The clue doesn’t have to be in the name when it comes to board games. Some excess gifts to wrap up for the kids to rip open on Christmas day are board games, as they’re fun to get competitive over, and crafting out little groups amongst ourselves means we can get the edge over the others and win silly little competitions everyone likes to dabble in!

Board games are a family classic, and have stood the test of time for a lot of good reasons. Whether you want to fall out over Monopoly, or argue over how much your Pictionary drawings actually look like what they’re meant to represent, be sure to indulge in a few of these standard games for some old timey fun.

Similarly, with the amount of new concepts being brought out each year, you can get a little untraditional in what you play with. Games like that of Pie Face are a good way to get messy with quick cleanup, and are fun for everyone to get involved in. No drawn out rules that are difficult to understand, and it can keep people's attention for a long time!

Use Technology to Bring People Together

At least one person in a family has a phone, and that means you can use it to your advantage when you get bored. A lot of game companies make phone ports of traditional video games, so you can easily download something like Pacman to your mobile and try and beat each other’s top scores. On the other hand, you can also get plenty of family games on both android and iOS systems, so there’s something for everyone.

You could also try out the Final Fantasy xv mobile game, which is a strategy game that can keep kids interested because of the flashy colors and plenty of options for playing. It’s a great family activity as when you’re taking part in your children’s interests with them, you can often monitor what they get up to in safe and friendly way!

You could even just download a drawing program and make big pictures together, with none of the associated mess with paints involved! Let out your energy as a family and you’ll have a better time because of it.

Take to the Outdoors

Going outdoors on Christmas day is a lot of fun! There’s snow, sun, a bit of ice, and plenty of room to run around and make noise in! If you’ve finished unwrapping the presents, or you’ve just got the lunch out of the way, it’s time to spend any excess energy you still have on the great outdoors down the park or walking the dog.

So when it comes to gifts you can use outside, turn back to the old time favorites of gym classes and competitive sports the world around. Frisbees are always a popular choice here, as are a baseball bat and stumps. It’s so much fun to do these activities as a family, as your kids can show off their burgeoning sports spirits and you can remind yourself how good you are.

This could include volunteering if you want to truly share the love on Christmas day. Giving the gift of safety and security to people who lack it over the festive period is the best present anyone can make with their time. Of course, on Christmas, your family are the people who came first. But if they’re up to it or want to try it out, you can find plenty of organizations who still work during the festive period.

There’s a lot of gifts you can fork out for your family; that means there’s a whole world of creativity for you to delve into. Make sure you put thought into your activities and then have fun! That’s the most important part, as giving and receiving needs to be worth it to make it matter.

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