Christmas Is Better With A Three Year Old (Penwizard Book Review & Discount)

2:54 PM

You know what is better than Christmas? Having little kids around at Christmas! When my boys started to not believe in Santa anymore around the age of eight and nine, Christmas just wasn't the same anymore. Then we had this beautiful little girl and now she is Three years old. Everything about Christmas this year seems so much brighter and wonderful with her enthusiasm in our lives. 

So you can image my excitement when Penwizard reached out to me to check out their custom-made book collections where they illustrate your child into a book right along with some of their favorite characters. 

Our sweet three year old loves to be read to and it is such a treat for both mom and daughter to cozy up and read some of our favorite Christmas books together. This custom illustrated book sure does take that tradition up a notch. 

My daughter's name is Oriah and you just don't see that name anywhere. This is one time she will get to see her name all over in a beautifully illustrated book all about her adventures with a Snowman and snowdog she built. 

I love that there so many options to customize this book even some clothing options along with hair and skin color. We went with a blue pajamas option since my daughter wears a lot of blue due to her baby blue eyes. This book definitely made her feel like this book was written all about her, and drawn just for her. I would recommend this book 100% to all my friends and family. 

There are lots of other options as well to customize your kid into a book. 

There are a few more days where these custom illustrated books are available in time for Christmas delivery so hurry on over and get them, also don't forget your coupon code below. 

15% OFF ALL PERSONALIZED CHILDREN'S BOOKS! using code HOLIDAY15 when checking out at

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