Christmas In Color - Drive Through Christmas Lights & Music Experience

9:18 PM

Christmas In Color was a surprisingly big hit with my family this year. I did not expect the level of detail and thought that went into this Christmas Light display. We have never seen anything close to this level of light up magic. 

Somehow they magically condensed part of the Provo parking lot into a couple of miles of stunning light displays synced up to music. Synced up to music seems to really underplay what they have created here. I have not idea how they have pulled off something like this. 

My favorite light display where the trees. I just can't wrap my head around how they were able to bring these songs and lights to life the way that they did. 

My kids favorite part was the singing snowman, light bulbs and trees whose mouths moved and sung along to the music coming through a special radio station. 

And we all loved the light tunnels!!!

The very last light tunnel was the most amazing! I can see why they saved that one for last. I could have just hung out under there for hours listening to all the different music and coordinating light dances. The last tunnel is indescribable. They set it up so it displayed Ho, Ho, Ho, in moving lights that vanished at the end... doesn't make sense does it?! That's why you have to see it with your own eyes. 

There are several Christmas In Color locations all over and there are two here in Utah but they are only open for a few more days so get over there and check them out! 
Here is a 15% off coupon code you can use at the gate: USFAMILY17

Insider Tip: Prices vary depending if you go on a weekend or week day, but you can load up your vehicle with as many people as you can fit. Some families met up at the mall then they all squished into the back of one truck for the drive through. 

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