Christmas Gift Guide For Dads (Get Him What He Really Wants all Under $20) Plus Discount Codes

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I reached out to some of my favorite brands and products to see if they would hook you EMI readers up with some discount codes for some of my favorite gifts to the hubby and some of them totally came through for me. I'm so excited to share some of these amazing gifts and products these are all things my kids and I have purchased in the past and we love and my husband loves. So they are tested and approved by real people.

1. Man Nails: Man nails are tough and their nail clippers will have to be too. My man is always breaking our lady nail clippers or they just simply won't cut through. He is going to love these manly man nail clippers in fancy manly black stainless steel. They also come in a leather pouch. For under $10 these would also make great stocking stuffers. 

2. Hammock - This two-person lightweight hammock by Augymer is definitely on most dads list. Heck, it's even on mine. These are easy to take with you on a picnic, hiking and or backpacking or even your backyard. Comes with adjustable tree straps too and a cup holder. For under $20 Tree Hammocks are great big gift that will bring lots of awesome memories. 

3. Hiking Sticks- Anti-shock hiking and trail poles. I surprised my husband with these last year and he just loves them. Two years ago he attempted to climb Mt. Timpanogos summit in Utah and was only able to make it 3/4 the way up before he had to turn around due to the strain it was on his legs. So now that he has his new hiking sticks he is gearing up to go again this summer. Perfect for the guy who loves the outdoors.

4. The q-tips of the future... now -  The reusable Utility Tips for ears get 90% more wax and is designed to get wax out instead of packing further down in like regular q-tips. Its also doctor recommended. This revolutionary Utility tip is changing the way we maintain our ears for a safer more effective cleaning. My husband is obsessed with keeping his ears cleaned regularly, he even instructs our kids on proper ear maintenance. He has no idea Santa is stuffing these babies in his stocking this year. It's going to blow his mind.  

Get 15% off with this coupon code at checkout: ROYALTY

5. Contoured Sleep Mask- This sleep mask is awesome for the light sleeper because of its contouring so it won't put any pressure or irritation on the eyes. Sometimes my hubby works the night shift so this is the gift of a good day of much-needed sleep for him. Know any dads working the night shift to support the family? 

6. Chiropractor visit - One of my husband's favorite gifts was a visit to the chiropractor for an adjustment. He had never been before. You can find some crazy good deals on Groupon for a local Chiropractor. TIP:  a lot of insurances pay for up to 10 visits to a chiropractor. Just pay the co-pay up front. So check your insurance and treat your man. 

7. Uplifting Manly Books: Mission Man, Left Standing, The Berlin Candy Bomber, The Road To Freedom. These are some of the top books from Ceder Fort Publishing for men. I love that they are uplifting, inspiring, clean, and perfect for my manly man. Mission Man; Life Lessons From A CIA Operative, is recommended strongly for younger men/dads who could use some great advice about navigating adulthood and life. The Road To Freedom is a great adventure/war novel. The Berlin Candy Bomber is perfect for your history buff. Left Standing is a true story about how Mason Well's survived through three different major terror attacks he somehow found himself apart of. 

Ceder Fort Publishing just put all of these titles on sale for us for crazy good prices.
You can also get any Pioneer Plus products on Amazon for 20% off with this coupon code: CedaAmaz

8. Zombie Repellent Soap: Got a hubby who is a walking dead fan? This is the perfect fun gift for him. This zombie repellent soap kit is not just fun but also cleanly. Handmade with natural oils and goats milk, your man will be pampered and ready to face just about anything including a bunch of walkers. 

Save $4.00 when you purchase a set of four Zombie Survival Soaps for only $16.

9. Five In One Pen: Men are just basically boys with better toys. This pen reminds me of spy pens from when I was a kid but these are so much more useful in daily dad life. Its a ruler, a level, a flathead, a screwdriver and also a pen. 

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10. Ticket Stub Journal: For the dad who loves to go to events. My husband doesn't journal or scrapbook but He is always wanting to save his tickets when we get to go to something special like a concert, a play or professional basketball game. He always ends up regrettably chucking the ticket stubs because he just doesn't know where to put them. Now they can be a treasured memento he can hold onto with this easy to manage ticket stub diary.  
At just $12 this makes a great thoughtful gift for dad. 

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