Best Gifts For New Parents

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It’s Christmas and most of us already have a list of people we have bought gifts for. Research shows that a large number of the population buys presents in a panic ahead of Christmas day, as they haven’t allowed enough time to think ahead and do some well-planned shopping. Instead, they purchase the first appropriate thing they see in the fear they will not see anything better in the short time they have ahead of Christmas day. 

You will most probably already have bought the majority of your gifts but if your best friend has just become a parent, choosing a present for him or her might be a challenge you didn’t think you would have to face. Here we show you the best gift ideas for you to offer your circle of new parents.

Choosing a gift for new parents can be tricky (image:

Parenting advice

New parents often worry about everything that surrounds their newborn child, whether it’s feeding them the best way or getting them to sleep adequately, there is never enough advice one can offer to someone who has just become a parent. As you might not have children of your own and giving parenting advice might, as a result, be difficult for you, why not offer them a subscription to Innerparents? Your friend will find here everything he or she needs to know about the best parenting methods.

A bib

Food spillages are one of the biggest concerns new parents face. From puree to fruit compote, there are myriad ways your friend’s baby can produce stains. A bib will help them protect their baby’s clothing if this is worn appropriately. These days there are also a number of great ways you can personalize a bib, from printing a photo of your friend’s child on it to sewing sequins onto it. This post will help you find the coolest bib!

A mobile

Newborns are open to new sensorial experiences and it is a well-known fact that a young brain is at its most flexible. That is why a toy that will help your friend’s baby not only be entertained but keep learning actively and be curious about its surroundings might just do the trick this Christmas. Have a look at these beautiful mobiles and pick your favorite one!

A dummy

Dummies or baby pacifiers are a great gift for new parents. They will offer this to their baby once this is six months old or so, as most experts recommend this is when babies should start making use of it. They are a great tool to make a baby wait until its next milk supply is ready and also reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Have a look at these wonderful dummies and choose your perfect Christmas gift!

A toy

Who doesn’t remember their favorite toy from when they were young? A beautiful and well produced toy will become a baby’s first play-friend and interacting with a toy is a very important part in the process of growing up in a trusted and endearing environment. Don’t know which toy you would go for? Browse through these cute toys and choose the one your friend’s child will appreciate!

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