Keeping Memories Alive: How To Relive Those Precious Moments

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Kids grow up fast, don’t they? One minute they’re sat on your lap asking for a cuddle, the next minute they are out of the door and into the loving hands of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Just where did time go? Short of preserving your kids in ice during their most formative years, you aren’t going to stop them from growing up. Sorry, but it’s true. However, you can still take steps to preserve those precious family memories, so even when your kids have gotten married and moved away from home, you still have something to look back on with joy and gratitude.

Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Create memories you won’t forget

You won’t be able to look on any special memories if you haven’t made any in the first place. In today’s society, kids as well as adults, are becoming more insular. You may be spending time with your kids at home, but memories aren’t created when everybody is tucked into their respective corners tapping away on a smartphone. So, put your mobile devices away, turn off the tv, and spend time doing something with your family that will be in your memory for a long time to come. We have some great ideas on this very site, so have a look and create something meaningful that you will never be able to forget.

Take photographs

You no longer need to be a whiz with a camera, as you can take excellent pics with your smartphone or a tablet. Your kids may get sick of you taking pics of them all the time, but they will be grateful in the future when they have family photos to look back on. As well as your amateur efforts, hire a family and newborn photographer for that professional touch, letting them into your home to document your family life. Display the photos on your wall at home, or on a digital scrapbook where they can never get torn or damaged.

Make home movies

It’s easier than ever now to take videos of your family, and these live-action movies will help you recapture every expression on your child’s face, each bout of laughter, and a record of each precious word that emerges from their lips. Embarrassing? Occasionally. Priceless? Always! Companies such as imemories, will store your home movies digitally, meaning you can enjoy them on any device you own, or on DVD, in stunning high-definition, no matter how old the film clips are.

Don’t throw everything away

We aren’t asking you to be a hoarder here, but keeping some items from your family’s life together will prompt your memory in the future. Examples? Well, some of your kid’s report cards, knick-knacks from holidays away, gifts your children gave you, and pieces of ‘art’ that your children created, are just some of the items that may be considered keepsakes. Keep memory jars, filled with items that will remind you of your kids, or a scrapbook of photos and printed items. These are the things you will be able to cherish forever, so keep them in a special corner of your home, and return to them from time to time to keep your memories alive.

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