Turn Your Spare Room Into A Playroom For Your Little One

3:46 PM

Being a parent, you'll hear the two words "I'm bored" an awful lot. And while sometimes it can be a real pain, there may be more that you could do, especially if you have an only child because it really can be quite boring.
If you have a spare room in your house, then you may have just the thing to never hear those two words ever again. - Transform the empty space into a playroom! Sounds tricky? Well, it's not. Here's what you need to do.

Remove everything
This will probably be the most difficult part, as most spare rooms end up being used as storage, especially when you’re a first time parent - there’s just so much you feel you need. In which case you may have a lot to clean out. Ideally, you want to remove every single thing so all that's left is an empty room. Go through everything and get rid of what you don't need; otherwise it will just be useless clutter forever. Give away what you don't want, or sell them to get a bit of extra cash if you think it's worth it.
When everything has been removed, give the place a good clean so it's spotless.

New floor
Now when we say new floor, what we really mean is foam pieces. You want the surface to be a soft one so your little one can't get hurt. Have a look online to see what different materials are on offer. Something quite thick with a bounce would be ideal so your child quite literally has a spring in their step. Remember the brighter the colors, the better, so if the walls are magnolia or beige - that will have to go too.

Ball pit
What child doesn't like play balls? They're so much fun to dive and roll around in, plus they always come in a wide selection of colors. Consider sectioning off the room so one-half of it is a ball pit. You could even create treasure hunts where they have to find specific objects that you've hidden from them amongst the ball pit. This will stimulate your child's brain and not only be fun for them, but will keep their body active and fit.

Quiet corner
With the other half of the room, you can create a quiet corner full of reading books, coloring books, and crayons. This is where their creativity comes out to play, and that's a great skill to develop and use later on in life.
Kids love dens, so why not buy a toddler teepee. They come in all sorts of different colors and make the perfect place for your little one to have some private time. They may want to watch a movie in there, draw pictures, have their lunch, or even have a little nap after the mad half an hour they just had in the ball pit!

So get going and transform that dull extra space into a fun filled playroom for your child. You'll never hear those two dreaded words again. - Unless they're coming from your own mouth.

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