Tips for Studying for a Nursing Degree with Young Children

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A lot of nurses are also moms and this limits their ability to earn a higher degree or take continuing education courses. Here are a few tips for studying for a nursing degree with young children as well as earning your nursing certification or completing continuing education credits. We'll address everything from finding time to minimizing both costs and time commitments. 

Go Online 
One of the best ways to save time when earning a nursing degree , continuing education credits, or reviewing material is to take the material online. For example, an online DNP program, also known as an online doctor of nursing program, lets you take the classes on the schedule that fits in with your family. You don’t have to figure out how to drive to and from the school because you can take the courses from home or at work during your break. You can schedule the online classes after the children go to bed, no matter when that is. To minimize your cost, there are distance learning scholarships you can apply for from sites such as, FastWeb, and With, you don’t need to sign up for anything and can apply directly for the scholarships while you must sign up for free accounts through both FastWeb and 

When a Parent, be a Parent, When a Student, Study 
Multitasking is not the sign of a highly productive person. You actually suffer reduced retention of information if trying to study when interrupted by toddlers and your children become more demanding when they sense your attention is elsewhere. Plan time to focus on the children before you start your latest online course module or study session. Twenty or thirty minutes of dedicated play time with Mom makes them more willing to wind down watching a DVD. 

Team Effort 
Don’t forget to draft in Dad to entertain and engage the children while Mom is studying. If you’re separated or divorced, plan your classes or study time on the days they are visiting Dad. In fact, consider letting him have the kids an extra evening or two a week while you’re taking classes. You look generous in terms of custody while the children get more time with Dad now and you get more flexibility later if you want the children for a future holiday scheduled to be on Dad’s time. Or, let the kids spend the evening with Grandma or at an evening play date with friends. 
Reward Your Children for Good Behavior 
Many parents want to study while the children are in bed and the children get out of bed to visit parents because the parents are still up. Teach your children that bedtime is bedtime and discipline them for getting out of bed unless for a legitimate reason. However, you should also reward them for good behavior. If they stay in bed overnight they should get checks on their good behavior chart. If they play quietly for 45 minutes with siblings while Mom is studying, they receive a reward such as sitting in the front seat, getting to choose where the family eats out next, or stickers. 
Take Only the Courses You Need to Take 
Whether earning an online DNP to become a forensic nurse or legal nurse consultant, identify the specifications you need to earn to be allowed to work in the field you want to work in. That way, you won’t be earning a master’s degree when a single certification course is necessary.  
Combining nursing school and parental duties can seem like a challenge, but it’s possible to juggle both with the proper know how. Make sure that you follow the tips in this article if you want to increase your chances for success. 

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