Tips for Parents Who are Studying to Become Teachers

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Studying for a degree in teaching and education is a great choice for parents – conventional teaching in a school means that you can align your working hours with your little ones’ school days. There has also been a massive increase in the number of flexible teaching jobs available, such as teaching online classes, which will give you the option to work from home. However, that’s the easy part – studying for a degree in education can be very demanding, especially for parents who have family commitments to consider alongside their studies. Juggling studying for a degree, looking after little ones, and sometimes even working alongside studying for a degree will take a lot of planning and hard work, but it’s certainly not an impossible feat. Here are some top tips for parents who are hoping to become a teacher in the future.  

Tip #1. Study Online 
Perhaps the best choice that you can make when looking for the perfect teaching degree program is to take online classes. Unlike attending a traditional college with classroom-based learning, online degree programs such as this online MEAD degree allow students to study in their own time and from a location that suits them best, whether it’s at home or at a local coffee shop. If you need to be at home with your little ones at certain times of the day, then studying online will take a weight off your shoulders when it comes to getting childcare. Along with that, the flexibility of studying online means that you don’t need to worry about missing classes, even if there’s a family emergency.  
Tip #2. Get Prepared 
Before embarking on your master of education in adult and continuing education, it’s important to make sure that you are fully prepared. Getting yourself ready beforehand will help when it comes to learning and staying ahead of your work. If possible, spend some time during the weeks before your program officially begins to get to grips with the module contents and even begin planning your assignments.  
Tip #3. Find Support 
If you’re trying to get a good grade in class, work to support your family and stay on top of looking after your little ones at the same time, the massive workload will quickly get on top of you. Along with having a schedule to stick to and getting yourself as well-prepared as possible beforehand, it’s also important to ensure that you have as much support as possible from family members, friends, and even your professor. Bear in mind that many colleges will offer childcare options for their students who are parents. If you’re going to be attending physical classes, then it may be a good idea to opt for a college that has a crèche to help with childcare. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – from financial aid to relatives who want to lend a hand, you’ll always do better if you’re not muddling through on your own.  
Did you find these tips helpful? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.  

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