The Many Roles Of A Great Mom!

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Why is it some people still believe that stay at home moms don’t do much all day? That dinner should be on the table, everything should be clean and tidy, and the kids all clean and fresh ready for your partner returning home? This isn’t real life! The fact of the matter is, dinner might be something quick and easy you rustle up at the last minute, the washing up may still be there and toys may still be on the floor, and the kids are going to be covered in all kinds of grubby marks.

That being said, each and every day a great mom takes on many roles. Here are just some of them...

When you’re a mom, you’re automatically a mentor for your kids. You’re there to help them through whatever it is they're going through and push them in the right direction. You listen to them, and help them in various areas of their lives to help them become well rounded, well developed people. You may even become a mentor for your kid’s friends!

Financial Planner
When you have a family to care for, having plenty of money for the things that matter is a must. You can’t always spend like you used to when you didn’t have kids, so you need to budget, plan and make sure you have the cash for food, entertainment, your bills, and the essentials. Planning your finances doesn’t mean struggling; it simply means being smart about your money and what you spend it on so you can get the most out of life.


Hair, Beauty, And Fashion Stylist
If you have little girls, then you’re a hair, beauty, and fashion stylist all rolled into one. You’ll be doing hair-ups from the time your baby girl is old enough to wear a hair bobble, and eventually, she’s going to ask you to paint her nails. Heck, your sons might even do this too! Eventually, they’re going to want to start using hair products, and they usually get curious when it comes to things like nail polish - especially if you use it or they have sisters.

There are going to be fancy dress party invites and events too at some point, and this also makes you an instant fashion designer.

Unfortunately, kids aren’t always great at cleaning up after themselves. This means you have to pick up their clothes, make their beds, wash their dishes, and do everything else imaginable to keep the house from looking like a sty. However, it’s a good idea to teach your kids to do basic tasks when they’re old enough, so they don’t get used to you doing absolutely everything for them!

Team Supervisor
While you don’t want to be a helicopter parent, supervising your kids in the background can be important in some instances. You want to be there, but not so close that they call you whenever they experience the slightest problem. You may need to supervise with homework, or even when play time gets rough. You’ll be required to supervise your kids especially if they are being creative with materials that could harm them!

Activities Co-ordinator
Giving your kids a taste of the world around them is a must if you want them to be aware of other cultures, traditions, and a world outside of their own. It’s the best way to make them see that the world doesn’t revolve around them! You don’t need to take your kids half way across the world; staycations are very popular these days and kids can still get great benefits.

Football, wrestling, and all kinds of other sports and games need a good referee. If you’re parent to more than one child, you’ll need to use these skills on a regular basis. Yes, that means both when they are playing sports and when they’re doing something simple, like sharing a toy! Kids can fall out in a split second, so you need to be on your guard and ready to step in if things start getting out of hand.

You’re going to need to entertain your kids for plenty of different reasons. Have you ever been on a plane with an upset baby or a grumpy toddler? How about taking your kids to a jab? Entertaining them can distract them and cheer them up when they’re confused. Reading stories to kids is also a great past time, but not in a monotonous voice. It’s up to you to make the story more exciting with voices!

Even if you’re not entertaining directly, it’s usually going to be up to you to put a film on and keep them quiet when you’re busy.

Personal Assistant
Expect to be your kid’s personal assistant until they move out. You’ll be washing and ironing clothes at a moment’s notice, knocking up a snack or a full meal, and even running errands for them. This is the reason many parents say they don’t get enough time to themselves.

As a parent, you’re always kissing your kid’s boo-boos, giving them plasters and bandages, and tending to them when they’re sick. A great mom is always a great nurse at one time or another - sometimes even staying up all night to take care of their sick child. If this is something you’re actually interested in as a career, it can help to look at BSN to MSN programs. It’s never too late to train for a satisfying career - it could even help to give you purpose once your kids have grown up.

Taxi Driver
Assuming you’re a parent who drives, you’re going to be called on for lifts at the drop of a hat. You’ll be dropping off and picking up from school as standard, but sometimes you may have to take your child to play dates, after school activities, and other events. This continues to happen even as they grow up!


Personal Chef
It doesn’t matter that you haven’t been to culinary school; you’re going to be your child’s personal chef for the foreseeable future. Starting off with bottles and baby food, eventually, you’ll need to cook them meals just like you. It’s up to you to introduce them to different foods and flavors too, so providing a range of different foods is a great idea! Baking with your kids can help to teach them cooking skills, gives you an activity to bond over, and gives you something yummy to eat afterwards.

Speech Specialist
By simply speaking to your children from the moment they are born, you’re teaching them how to talk. As they grow up, it’s natural to repeat certain words to them and help them to associate them with certain objects. Kids always develop at their own pace when it comes to speech, and some start talking much earlier or later than others. However, that won’t stop you from teaching them as best you can!

Parents can be surprised at the overwhelming protective feeling they get as soon as they have a baby. This feeling never goes away - you’re always going to feel like it’s your life’s mission to protect your child from everything, whether that’s actual dangerous predators or your neighbor's kitten. In fact, you might shock yourself sometimes at the lengths you’d go to protect your child!

What do you think of these roles of a great mom, and which ones do you relate to the most? Do you think any have been missed off the list? Leave a comment below. Come back soon!

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