The “Man Date” with Dad; Normalizing Puberty For Anxious Tween

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AXE®. The opinions and text are all mine.

As a kid, I was terrified of the prospect of puberty. It felt scary, gross and something to be embarrassed about. I didn’t want this experience for my own children. I wanted to help normalize puberty for them and maybe even turn it into something to look forward to. That’s why we decided to celebrate our boys’ change with a “Man Date” with dad.
The idea of the Man Date with Dad is to help with the sometimes-awkward transition into manhood and also help us teach our sons’ proper hygiene for their changing growing body. Our boys are headed into junior high and that transition comes with its own set of new challenges they will have to face. If we arm our sons with proper hygiene techniques and a healthy view of their bodies, that is one less thing for them and their parents to have to worry about. Plus, we don’t want our kids to be the stinky kid in school, right?

The Man Date with Dad:
When our boys are about 11/12 years old, Dad plans a special one-on-one date for just the two of them. Before the date, my husband sits down with our son and has an open and positive refresher talk about their body and what to expect with the onset of puberty. Topics include physical changes, mental changes, hygiene, personal boundaries, and sexual attraction.

Then they get to head to the store to pick out their set of “Manly Hygiene Products.” They get their pick of body wash, deodorant spray, face wash, a new loofah and their first body spray and/or cologne. The boys particularly like the AXE®Signature Gold Dry Spray and the AXE YOU Body Spray because of how easy they are to apply with the twistable cap and that they have very helpful illustrated directions on the packaging.

After their manly trip to the store and newly equipped with some teenage odor fighting gear, it’s time to head off to get a special treat with Dad. Our local froyo is a favorite pick because we let them get the bigger cup and they can pick their toppings. Once our son is home, he usually can’t wait to jump in the shower then try out all his new AXE sprays and other hygiene products. This is the perfect time to show them the proper way to use each item. Did you know, 64% of young guys think body spray and dry spray are the same thing?* And 1 in 2 guys think that they should apply body spray to their underarms.*  The AXE dry spray antiperspirant can be used under your arms for sweat protection, in place of an antiperspirant stick and can keep any busy teen boy dry and smelly free for up to 48 hours. The body spray is best applied by a quick spray in a “7” shape motion starting from shoulder to shoulder and down the torso and helps them stay fresh all-day long.
*Ipsos Body Spray Drivers and Barriers, 2017 or Ipsos, 2017

This video is a great guide for proper use for your kids.

It’s amazing how simple a little outing and a few simple AXE products can really help a kid both mentally and physically be more prepared for the challenges of early adulthood. We told the boys when they were about nine/ten years old about the fun Man Date they will be getting to go on in a few years with Dad. This was around the time when they started expressing concern and fear about the onset of puberty. Having a fun date to look forward to was a huge game changer for them. About a year ago, one of my sons came running into the kitchen to proclaim “Yes!!! I got my first underarm hair! Look mom!” It was a totally different story for me when I found mine. Lol! I calmly told him it was not necessary for him to share that, but I was very happy for him. He responded, “I’m definitely going to need to go on that Man Date with Dad now.”

As for girls, I can’t wait for my daughters (who are just toddlers right now) to go on a “Woman Date” someday. We plan on taking them on a similar date but with bra shopping and feminine hygiene products. There will also be a large amount of chocolate consumed that day as well.

AXE has your growing teen covered and is here to help your guy feel his most confident self. I’m proud to be partnering with AXE to share ideas and techniques about proper hygiene and body image and how we as parents can help normalize and celebrate this important change in their lives for a smoother transition.

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