Posh & Pretty, Learning Colors & Tracing Lines (FREE Printable)

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I wanted to combine learning colors and practicing drawing lines all in one worksheet for my three year old daughter. This is a double sided pre-pre school worksheet to introduce little ones to different lines of drawings. A great skill building worksheet to lead into writing and drawing. Plus its extra girly designed with my girly girl daughter in mind. She loves everything makeup, dress up and jewelry out there. 

You can also laminate it for extra fun and learning. I had mine laminated and found multi colored dry erase markers at my local dollar store to go along with each color and dotted line. The dry erase markers and laminated Posh & Pretty worksheet take away the stress of making mistakes. 

We pull out the Posh & Pretty colors and tracing laminated printable out two or three times a week, along with the coordinating colored dry erase markers. As we go along I ask her what color this line is, or the girls hair, or the object the girl is trying to get to. Then I encourage her to find the matching marker to go with that line. 

TIP: Sometimes I tell her a little story of why the girl is trying to get to the object. 

At first you may just want to stick with a black marker as they get used to following the dotted lines. Then add color markers later to the learning sessions. Or just do the line drawing side and work you way up to doing the drawing side after a few days or weeks. Just go at your child's pace. No hurry. 

I make sure to always talk about the objects she is drawing while referencing the color as often as possible. That way she is learning the names of the colors as she practices her lines. 

Example: "The pretty red hair girl is trying so hard to get to her red shoes... stay on the red line... she is almost to the red shoes... The red hair girl got the red shoes! Yay! She Made it! Good job! 

This activity usually takes us 30 minutes to do. And the more they practice the faster and steadier their hands get. 

You might notice that the worksheet in the pictures say Girly Girl. I changed the worksheets later to say Posh & Pretty. Which I like so much more. lol! 

Another bonus to practicing line drawing is it gives your little one practice holding the marker properly. My three year old was holding her marker by the whole fist. By the time she was done with both sides she was already getting better at holding it the right way.

Once the line drawing side is all done its time to put those new skills to work. On the other side of the Posh & Pretty Printable are a bunch of girly girl objects she can practice drawing and coloring in. 
A pink princess hat, a green emerald, a yellow sun, an orange flower, purple nail polish, blue makeup, a red high heel, and a sweet little girl. 

My favorite part on this side of the Posh & Pretty Printable is the little girl they get to trace. Here her imagination go a little bit more and make it personal. She can color the girls hair and skin any color she wants and/or have it match her own. 

There are so many things I love about this Posh & Pretty worksheet but my favorite thing is how much she enjoys using it. Its hands on learning that is fun and caters to her girly interests. She loves learning with mommy and I don't want her to loose that zest. 


You can get this Posh & Pretty worksheet in several different colors 
for FREE here through google docs. 

Moving on to the alphabet:
Once you little one has mastered the Colors & Tracing Line worksheet they are going to love to start on the POSH & PRETTY Alphabet & Tracing Worksheet Set. This worksheet bundle is unlike anything out there right now for pre-school age girls ready to learn the alphabet. It combines several learning techniques to help your girly girl memorize her letters, sounds, word association and will help her start to get used to writing her letters. She will be thrilled to watch the letters of the alphabet transform into some of her favorite creatures and objects as she traces the lines to reveal the letters and bring to life the greyed out objects that start with the very letter she is writing. 

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  1. Super adorable! I would LOVE a boy version for my 2 and 3 year old boys! I stumbled upon your site and everything is so cute!

  2. So cute thanks for sharing! Now we need a boy version :)


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