Jaker's The Best Pumpkin Patch For Families In Utah Valley (Family Guide)

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Since we moved to Springville Utah six years ago Going to Jaker's Pumpkin Patch has become a beloved family tradition during the Halloween season. We are so lucky to have this gem in our town. You get a lot of bang for your buck at this pumpkin patch with hours of fun and a beautiful atmosphere. We have family that travels from upper Utah just to go to this pumpkin patch and if we happen to have family visiting from out of state during October this is a must stop.

Our favorite feature of  Jaker's Pumpkin Patch has to be the massive corn pit. It's like a ball pit but with dried corn. That's right! It's so much fun even the parents can't help but get in. I recommend going early in October while the corn is still fresh and before it gets dusty and crowded. I would not wait to go the last week of October. Go at the beginning or middle of October it's a great way to get into the spooky season.

For Four dollars a person 2 years old and up this place is a steal! This price includes all of the events and attractions. Everything except the pumpkin purchase and any concessions. The pumpkins are very reasonably priced as well so it makes it even more fun when you get to go out and pick your pumpkin right from the source or pick one from the stall. I love that it's a real pumpkin patch farm and all the pumpkins are grown right there. It's such a beautiful authentic Halloween adventure.

List of this year's attractions included in the $4 Price Tag:
Tractor Hay Ride (through corn field)
Corn Pile Pit
Big Tube Slides
Petting Zoo
Straw Pyramid
Haunted Cave
Straw Maze (for little kids)
Straw Maze (Bigger straw maze)
Corn Maze
Photo Booth Areas For Photography

This Pumpkin Patch is located close to the heart of Springville and opens September 30th and runs throughout October.  They are open from 9am to 7pm.

They close earlier than other pumpkin patches and do not have lights up or on the grounds. Its the only thing I would change about this venue. I think it would be so neat if they would add lights so that we could stay past sunset. You will want to come over straight out of school so you will have enough time to enjoy everything. You're going to want a good two or three hours to play. Also, bring water bottles. There is no free drinking water on site. You will get very thirsty. They also don't take credit cards, so bring cash.

Every time we drive by Jaker's Pumpkin Patch these last few weeks, we get more and more excited in anticipation. Each day we more and more setup for the Pumpkin Patch. It gets bigger and better every year and I'm sure this year will not disappoint. The pumpkins are popping up all over in the fields and it's just a pumpkin heaven. The farmlands are being swallowed up in our beautiful town and I hope this one never does. It's such a special gem of Springville and adds so much character and charm to our town each year that this is put on. I hope this pumpkin patch sticks around for me to take my grandchildren to one day.

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