Inspire Yourself With The Power Of Nature Made Visible By Photography

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Many people think that photography is old news because we live in a marvelous digital age, whereby video is now the main form of art that we all consume. We can often get trapped in this vortex because psychologically, moving pictures are simply more captivating. Our eyes and mind are taken on a tracked journey, and that may be entertaining but not as special as photography. With the sublime nature of a brilliant picture, our imaginations are forced into being, and we have to take ourselves on that journey of exploration and understanding. If you’re just starting off and you want to take pictures with power and meaning inside them, it can be very difficult to find a subject that has the ability to evoke such emotions. Therefore, why not start with the biggest subject of all, i.e., the Earth? Nature photography is one of the best ways to learn how you can transform a landscape into a picture that is truly worth a thousand words.

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Beaches and oceans

What can be more powerful that showing the strength of mother nature that showcasing the most dominant force on the planet? Water is an exceptional target to try and capture. The oceans and seaside waves are always moving, and so, they show their evocative presence in pictures that are taken, just at the right time. You can practice your shots that focus on aperture and lense speed, by capturing the sea salt water, hitting against rocks at the seaside. You can also add the human element such as boats and fishermen, braving the winds and the harsh environment to earn their daily bread. Beaches are also full of creatures small and large. By incorporating them into your photography, you can show the world, how these creatures are right at home in among the waves.

The tranquil beauty of seasons

If you’re just starting off and want to get into photography, don’t allow yourself to be put under false pretenses that you need to highlight human life. This usually ends up with pictures being taken in the hustle and bustle of city life. However, you can take your camera out with you for a walk, and capture the tranquility of the seasonal shifts like Chris Pivik did. The mesmerizing coverage of white snow, and the blistering mountains that stand tall among the fields and man-made roads. As trees shed their leaves, the gorgeous red, orange and yellow leaves, scatter all around leaving no grass or mud to be seen. Follow that account for most inspiration and feel free to ask the photographer for tips and strike up a conversation.

Source - Eric Kilby

Pick a wild animal

The landscape doesn’t have to always be the subject. You can use it as the background for when you’re taking photographs of moving subjects like animals. For a start, you may find great success in capturing the finite details of feathers and wings of birds of prey. You can watch them hunt if you partake in the local bird watching community. At the same time, you can take photographs of their different stages of hunting. From soaring into the skies to diving down at immense speeds. It’s not very difficult, yet you can play around with the camera settings to get the highest quality of a moving target.

The world is beautiful. You don’t need to look toward humanity to find, that mother nature is perhaps the great subject for any photographer. The world is alive, and more than just a planet for a human to live and work on. The seasons are harsh and wonderful at the same time. You can take pictures of the forces of water, and the complex lives of wild animals. All of these avenues aren’t difficult to capture, yet they’re powerful when you get the timing just right.

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