A Step By Step Guide To Achieving The Minimalist Look At Home

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There are many different design themes that people choose when improving their homes. The minimalist look is in fashion at the moment, and there are lots of tips and tricks anyone can use on this page. The step by step guide below should provide some inspiration at the very least. Of course, readers don’t have to select any of the ideas from this article. They are just here to point people in the right direction and show everyone what’s possible. So, take a read through the following information and then see if anything seems appropriate. When all’s said and done, the idea is to ensure the home remains as fresh and clean as possible. There is no room for clutter with a minimalist theme.

Step 1: Use a restrained colour palette

If people purchased their home after a new property launch, they probably have the right colours on the walls already. That is because developers and landlords tend to paint their homes using cream and beige schemes. However, anyone who bought their home from another family might have to make some changes. There is a lot of information online about the best colours for the minimalist theme. Conduct some research and leave no stone unturned. The most common selections people make are light and bright. Still, nothing is wrong with thinking outside of the box and trying something original. Other minimalist colours include:

  • Light blues
  • Lime greens
  • Bright yellows
  • Violet and other shades of purple

Step 2: Emphasize empty spaces

It makes sense that the minimalist look involves drawing attention towards empty space. There are lots of ways in which people can achieve that goal. However, the most efficient methods relate to the homeowner’s lighting solutions. Place lamps in areas of the home where there isn’t any furniture. That should assist in illuminating those empty spaces and ensuring the home looks as modern and stylish as possible. Some folks might also choose to hang a family photograph on an otherwise vacant wall. The idea is to create a focal point in a space that looks bare.

Step 3: Look for unique storage ideas

As mentioned previously, there is no room for clutter when creating a minimalist theme. With that in mind, all readers should think about their approach to storage. Unless people want to throw half of their possessions in the trash, it’s sensible to use some common sense. Thankfully, there are endless methods individuals could use to hide all those items away. For example, some homeowners might choose to purchase furniture that comes with hidden storage space. Some modern sofa designs enable people to lift the base to reveal a secret compartment. Likewise, many beds do the same thing. Just be sure to shop around and use the internet to find the most appropriate products and brands.

Step 4: Hang simple artwork

Lots of people seem to think they need to keep their walls cleared to achieve the minimalist effect. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The goal is just to make sure the walls don’t look untidy or cluttered. So, nothing is wrong with investing in some beautiful artwork to make the design look a little more impressive. Some folks might even choose to paint something original. Try to find images that use blocks of colour rather than something that’s intricate. Many home stores sell art of that nature for reasonable prices. So, check those places first before searching anywhere else. Online auction websites like eBay are also a fantastic place to browse modern art. Prints are always available, and some of the top artists today include:

  • Malika Favre
  • Annu Kilpeläinen
  • Joe Cruz
  • Ros a Doyle

Step 5: Make use of tiling and flat surfaces

Wall and floor tiles will always work well when designing a minimalist theme at home. The straight lines have become synonymous with that aesthetic all around the world. So, be sure to consider that and invest in the right products. Big tiles are often more expensive than small ones, but it’s possible to cover the wall or floor in half the time. So, use some common sense when it comes to the purchase process. Also, be sure to add as many flat surfaces to the scheme as possible. That could mean:

  • Buying some coffee tables
  • Installing a breakfast bar
  • Adding a telephone table
  • Building a home entertainment unit

Anyone with basic DIY skills should manage to fit the tiles and put all those products together without professional assistance. However, sometimes it’s wise to call the experts if the individual has never tried tiling in the past. With a bit of luck, those services won’t cost the earth.

Step 6: Let in as much light as possible

Finally, homeowner's lighting solutions must be carefully considered and planned out. Homeowners should do their best to make use of natural light. In some instances, getting the best results could become expensive. That is because some folks might have to knock out walls or add extra windows in particular rooms. Still, anyone can think outside of the box and try something unique. For instance, hanging mirrors in strategic locations can help individuals to push natural light around their houses. Also, some people might consider adding a skylight or something similar. That is a fantastic idea if there are parts of the home that don’t have a floor above. Other tips include:

  • Getting rid of blinds and curtains
  • Opt for furniture with glossy and shiny surfaces

Those who manage to work their way through each of those steps should create a fabulous minimalist theme at home. Of course, there is always more to learn, and there are lots of other techniques people might want to try. With that in mind, readers are advised to continue their research before drawing up their final plans. In most instances, homeowners and tenants could complete the entire job in a matter of days if they work methodically. When all’s said and done, most folks should focus on their living rooms and kitchens first because those are the areas in which they are most likely to welcome guests. No matter what else happens, be sure to have fun with the task!

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