Personal Gift Ideas (That Don't Require You To Get All Arts And Crafty)

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When it comes to choosing presents to give away to your nearest and dearest, there is one way you can overrule any feelings that you may get it wrong, let yourself down and leave them questioning your abilities as a friend or loved one, and that is to get them something personal. Sure, getting your niece the Expendables Box Set may turn out to be the greatest gift ever but is it really worth running the risk. Probably not, especially as they are only turning eight.


Instead, your best bet is to hand over a present that shows you care. That is the way to go. There is just something so warm and fuzzy about receiving a present that has meaning and a personal touch, maybe not to an eight-year-old, but to everyone else, yeah. It says your relationship is worth their time, effort, thought, consideration and love, instead of just a quick stop at the bargain basket.

Read on for our top tips on how to make a gift more personal:

Know Their Interests
Right now, grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper, set the timer on your phone to ninety seconds and start jotting down all the person’s interests you can think of. It could be animals, golf, space, anything. Once you have this list, start brainstorming some ideas. If you have animals on your list, then think about getting them some animal tees, a horse riding lesson, tickets to your local zoo or safari park and maybe the chance to feed some of the animals while there. If it is space, then find them something out of this world. For golf, maybe a nice set of covers, a new driver, balls, tees or even a day at a links course they’ve never been to. This works because the things we are interested in tend to define us, and knowing this shows you care.

Give Them An Experience
You know your best friend has an unhealthy obsession with Les Miserables because she has a framed poster in her living room, the soundtrack as her ringtone and a picture of Hugh Jackman as her screensaver. So why not buy her tickets to see the show. Or perhaps your partner has a thing for cars, but because he isn’t Tom Brady or Robert Downey Jnr, affording a supercar isn’t realistic. But being able to enjoy a track day is, so get them a voucher. Not only will an experience show that you care about them and that you know what they like, you are giving them an experience and that totally trumps receiving stuff.

Making Unwrapping An Experience
If you have ever seen a child given a present, you will know that their favorite bit is tearing off the wrapping paper, and this doesn’t change. There is just something about the mystery and the excitement and the intrigue that makes the whole experience that much more Eeeeeek! So why not sure you care about this side of it all by creating an experience for them. Set up a scavenger hunt so that they have to find and decipher clues in order to find their present. Or hide a code in their favorite book, something they have to crack in order to reveal the location. Or better yet, hide their gift inside a cuddly toy so they have to carefully remove it, or a pinata. The choices are immeasurable.

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