Exploring Cherry Hill Resort Utah With Kids (Special 50th Anniversary Celebrations)

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Cherry Hill Resort is turning 50 and celebrating all summer long with daily prizes and fun for the whole family! We just had to check this place out and we are so glad we did! We could have easily spent a week here at their campground shaded in old cherry trees relaxing and enjoying all the activities available at this fun Davis County destination.   

We tried to squeeze in as much of Cherry Hill as we could into just one day but this place is meant to be enjoyed over the course of a few days. I loved that there was plenty of things for everyone of different ages and abilities to enjoy and the price tag for this all day adventure park was very reasonable. 

The outdoor ball pit play area was a huge hit for the little ones. I haven't seen a giant ball pit since I was a little girl. Its attached to a large play arena with slides and lots of climbing areas to explore. Right next to this is the bumper boats for tots. My three year old didn't quite no how to steer but she had a blast non the less. 

It was getting hot fast since we were visiting in the first part of July. Temperatures were well over 103 degrees by 1pm so we couldn't wait to get into the water park area. The water was the perfect temperature! Just nice enough to cool you down but not too cold to freeze out the kiddos. I also really appreciated that they let you bring in your own food and snacks at the water park. 

We were most excited to try out the new water attraction The Little Dipper! I think this was our favorite attraction because I liked that our entire family could enjoy it together. We were allowed to have our toddler or baby on our laps when we slid down. The older tween boys liked racing each other over and over again. There was little to no lines even though there were tons of kids going down the slides over and over again.  It was just nice to have something the whole family could join in. The people at Cherry Hill are geniuses to put this four person racing slide in. It's a huge hit! 

Another plus about Cherry Hill in Kaysville Utah is that all of the floats needed to enjoy the water park are provided and included in your price plus they have one of the cutest lazy rivers Ive ever had the privilege to float around. I love the attention to detail they put into their western town display and scenery that surrounds the lazy river and the rest of the water park. So your not just floating around in a circle but there are fun things to look at as well.

They also have shows and a little stage area in the middle of the lazy river so that you can float around and listen to the live bands and performers on certain occasions throughout the week. Or you can pull up a chair on the shaded lawn area and enjoy the music that way as well. 

Then there is this giant life size pirate boat they actually let you play on...

The water park at Cherry Hill may be on the small side for a water park these days but I think its just the right size. I like that it was always quick and easy to find my kids and the six main water attractions were plenty to keep the kids busy all day. 

We stayed until almost sunset and even though the girls were shivering bad by this point they did not want to leave. 

Just look at these happy girls...

We wrapped up the day with a fun round of midivil mini golf ( I won of course) and two family sized pizzas. All that playing made for huge appetites and tuckered out kids. Every one of them fell asleep in the car on the way home. 

To celebrate 50 years, Cherry Hill is giving away over $20,000 in prizes including Megaplex tickets, Lifetime products, ski passes, and much more every day of the 2017 summer season. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook for more information and to see a calendar of events. 

received day passes for me and my family to attend Cherry Hill but all opinions, photos and words are my own and 100 percent true. I would defiantly recommend this place to my loved ones if they were looking for a great family summer vacation spot to camp, relax and have fun without the heavy price tag. You can tell how much the people of Cherry Hill love their resort and are dedicated to their visitors. 

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