Creating a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

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Getting your kids interested in helping you in the kitchen is probably one of the best things you can do for them. It will teach them how to be more responsible and cook healthy meals, but unfortunately, the kitchen isn’t always as safe, inviting or practical for kids as it could be.
If you want to change that and start getting the kids more involved, here are some tips to help you create a kid-friendly kitchen:


Create Dedicated Areas
One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen more accessible to smaller children, in particular, is to create a dedicated area which is ‘fenced off’ from the rest of the kitchen using a baby gate or similar. This will help you to get your child used to and interested in being in the kitchen, so that when they’re a bit older, they can start to explore more.
Install Fridge and Oven Locks
Small kids love opening up doors and exploring what’s inside, but in the kitchen, in particular. This can be very dangerous, especially if they decide to open the oven! That’s why, if you want to get your kids interested in the kitchen, you should invest in oven and fridge locks (fridges risk falling objects hitting your kids) to ensure that tiny hands can’t get into places where they shouldn’t be.
Stool and Ladders
When you think your kids are old enough to actually get involved with beating the cake mix or cutting out cookie dough, investing in a good kitchen stool or set of ladders that have been designed for use by children is a must. It will ensure they can easily reach the kitchen counters and have fun helping you create something wonderful for the rest of the family.
Install Granite Countertops
I know granite countertops like the ones in the Keystone Granite selection aren’t exactly cheap, but they look great, and more importantly, they will not be adversely affected by the application of hot pans and trays. Many older children put hot pans down haphazardly, and let’s face it, it’s better they do that than risk burning themselves, and this can cause cheaper materials to become melted, burned and discolored. You know your kitchen will be safe with granite.
Use Plastic
Plastic plates, chopping boards and cups might not be the most attractive, but they’re a lot safer for kids, and they’ll do just fine until your children are a bit older and can be trusted with your better stuff in the kitchen.
Avoid Glass and Steel
Glass and stainless steel are very popular in the kitchen, where they look fantastic, but they aren’t really practical when you want to have your kids in the kitchen because they will show up sticky marks, fingerprints and stains very prominently. So, while they’re young stick to woods and natural stones, which tend to be a bit more forgiving and a lot easier to clean, on average.
Do your kids often join you in the kitchen? How do you make the space more child-friendly?

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