Patriotic USA Map Word Art (FREE 4th Of July Printable)

6:23 PM

I have had some amazing 4th of July celebrations and look forward to this holiday every year. I just love Independence day and feel like it brings out the best in us and reminds us about the good we are all striving for no matter our differences. My most memorable July 4th was getting to witness over ten people be sworn in as official citizens of the United States of America. I was only 18, but the importance of that moment to those people was not lost on me. It was beautiful, meaningful and hopeful all in one moment. 

Once a year we celebrate that beautiful hope and all the sacrifices that have been made to preserve it. And thats just it, its a celebrations... Its a party! And that is also what partly inspired me with these new festive 4th of July matching printable set. I wanted to create a fun light hearted style with the old Stars & Stripes look to decorate my home this year. 

There are five design options to choose from so you can print out your favorite one or what one best fits your home and 4th of July decor.

Print or download this Patriotic USA Map Word Art through google docs here. 
Please leave a comment if you like this and/or print off this freebie. 

You can also get the matching Stars & Stripes mini fan flag banner printable here at this post. 

Sharing Is Caring: Please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save it to print next year. 


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