Appy Holidays! Awesome Apps That Make Family Vacation Easier

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The sense of adventure on a family vacation is palpable for the kids, and mainly stress for the adults! It’s not like back in the day when you were traveling in an RV and just had the open road for company, oh no! If you decide to make a massive trek across the country, flights and everything, then you need to make sure that you’ve got yourself organized. Luckily, in the age of the smartphone, you can pretty much do anything in the form of an app to make life much easier for you. And here are some you should download to make it the vacation of a lifetime.
PackPoint Packing List
This app will suggest what to pack based on the state of the weather in your chosen destination. It also provides recommendations based on the activities you have planned, and how many nights you'll be in this location. You can also make a note if you will have access to things like if your children will be repeating their outfits during the course of the vacation, laundry facilities, and if you will be traveling internationally as well.
You can use Yuggler to search for family-friendly ideas in your nearby area. The way this app works is that you can use it to make the most of what to do every day on vacation based on the weather conditions and what your children need to be entertained. You can also look through the reviews from the perspective of previous parents’ who have attended. As a way to see if a place is worth the entry fee or if there are places around that is just as great with a zero entry fee, you can get the most out of what to do with the family that pleases everyone and doesn’t hit your wallet hard!
It’s part of the traditional vacation, but since the rise of WhatsApp and picture messaging, the postcard hasn’t been a way to keep people up to date on your travels. But the postcard app "MyPostcard" is a way to send a note to your grandma but without the overly cheesy sentiment attached to normal postcards! You can use one of your photos or one of the custom designs and attach a personal note directly from your phone.
Wi-Fi Finder
Isn’t it a blessing when you can find free Wi-Fi? If you're out of credit or data, you can use this app to find out where there is a hotspot in your area. But, being aware of the irony of using data to use this app, you can download the offline database onto your phone. In finding places when traveling internationally, you'll save loads of money on your hotel Wi-Fi bill!
Sit or Squat
An app sponsored by Charmin, Sit or Squat uses the built-in location finder on your phone to find the nearest public bathrooms. Useful in times of crisis, but this is only half the app’s charm. Sit or Squat gives you scores of cleanliness on each of the restrooms, based on previous users. The next time one of your kids needs to go, you'll know what's nearby, and how clean it is!
A big part of the flight process is the long delays and long layovers, and with GateGuru, the app locates what is around in airport terminals, such as a kids’ play area or a bathroom, and how far away it is, so you know exactly how much time you have to play with before they call for the gate. GateGuru also has discounts at some airport shops as well as car rentals, which can save you money if you book via the app.
Based on your children’s ages, you may need to find a diaper changing station, playground, child-friendly eatery or all three at a moment’s notice. The GPS lets you search for what you need based on where you are as well as basic details, like if there is a kids menu at the eatery or if the diaper station is located in a women’s or men’s bathroom.
ATM Hunter
And being away from what you know means that you will need to locate cash machines as quick as possible. The app uses GPS to pinpoint where you are and direct you to the nearest bank or ATM, as well as the machine hours and if the machine charges to use it. The great thing about this app is that it works on an international level, making those trips abroad less stressful.

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  1. Absolutely correct. I believe that having these apps, we can shoot all the happiest moments wth friends and family.


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