Take All The Stress Out Of Your Next Family Trip

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Are you panicking about your next family trip? Maybe you haven’t even planned one yet. This post is going to help you minimize the stress so you can maximize the fun. Read on for some amazing tips you can use time and time again!


Learn To Love Lists
If you don’t love lists already, you’re missing out. You can create to do lists with dates so you remember what needs to be done when, and you can use them to create packing lists too. Getting it all out of your head can help you to feel far more relaxed and organized. Do this with plenty of time to spare so you can add things as you need to.

Mindfully Plan For Travel In Cars/Airplanes
Kids can get bored really easily - you probably know that already. It’s unlikely they’re going to want to stare out of the window as you get to where you’re going, so plan something for them to do. Small travel friendly activities could be things like games and coloring. Make sure you take a few snacks and drinks too!

It could also be a good idea to play a few games you can play together, even a simple eye spy or ‘counting blue cars’ game could occupy them and keep them relaxed and happy. Making a playlist everybody likes could also be a really good idea!

Take A Staycation
A staycation can be just as fun as a vacation without nearly as much stress. For an authentic travel experience for people of all ages, this could be a good choice. You don’t need to go abroad or somewhere popular just because everybody else is doing it. Looking at services like gogocharters.com could mean you get to visit states you’ve never been to before, as well as enjoy the most up to date amenities. You can get access to a bus anywhere in the United States with just a 2 hour notice, and 20 passenger to 100 passenger buses are available - not that your family is likely that big! There are so many places you could visit in the country, so do your research and see what you find. Not only will this be easier and less stressful, it’ll be far less expensive too.

Plan For Toilet Stops
You probably want to get to where you’re going in good time, but you can’t skip the toilet stops when you’re traveling with kids. You shouldn’t be in a rush to get to where you’re going, so leave with plenty of time to stop and use the restroom. Starting off your trip by rushing will only give it a bad atmosphere, so keep things as relaxed as you can. Start as you mean to go on!

Plan For Down Time Too
Having full, active vacations is great, but you should also plan for down time. Relaxation and calming activities will actually make you feel like you’ve had a holiday. You don’t want to get back from your vacation and feel like you need another week to recover from all of the walking and site seeing you did! Have some unstructured time to enjoy together where you can just take your time.

Keep Your Patience
It’s all too easy to lose your cool when you’re a parent on vacation with your kids. Having your kids complain the whole way, as well as things like traffic, can make your trip a little stressful. You can’t control these things. All you can do is display a calm, patient attitude and things will get better. React calmly to any mishaps and just breathe. This should be your time to bond as a family!

It’s important to note that your kids will often take cues from you too. If you start to get irate at the traffic or something else, they will likely begin to get unsettled too. You’ll find that by breathing deeply and counting to 5 before you react to anything, you’ll have a much better time. It’s all about being mindful!

Hopefully, using these tips will help you to take the stress out of your next family trip. Remember, your attitude and mindset towards the trip plays a huge part in how stressful it is. If you stay positive and calm, your trip will be more like that too. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, focus on what could go right. Taking this approach to life is the way forward. Have an amazing time with your family and make the most of it!

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