Speed Up Your Morning Routine with the Kids

8:24 PM

We all know how manic mornings can be with little ones. Rushing around getting your kids ready in the morning can be a logistical headache and getting out of the door on time can sometimes feel next to impossible.

So here are our top tips on getting you and the kids out of the door in record time, feeling relaxed, organised and in control.


Plan for the Following Day

Try to get as much organised as possible, the night before. Putting together the children's lunch boxes can shave minutes off your morning routine, so try putting these together in a relaxed way the evening before. Pop them in the fridge and they are good to go in the morning.

Also planning the children's outfits is a good thing to do the night before so there are no complaints about not being able to find their favorite shorts or a clean school jumper. Also think ahead for childrens gym bags and any extra clothes they need for after school classes and activities.

Get Babies Ready to Go

If you also have babies then make sure they are ready to put straight into the car. The best way to do this is with a convertible car seat. Putting your little ones into a convertible car seat a few minutes before you need to leave the house will make the transition from house to car to school all that much smoother.

Check the Weather Forecast

Looking at the weather forecast for the next day can prevent last minute rummaging through wardrobes for raincoats, umbrellas, sun creams and sun hats. Staying on top of weather appropriate outfits and accessories will make sure you can send your children off confident that they are decked out for all possible weather conditions.

Make Sure All Homework is Done the Night Before

Make sure the children are doing all their necessary studies in the evening. There is nothing more stressful on a school morning than tears because an unfinished project is due in that morning and they haven’t even started it. So make sure you have access to all their home study schedules to help keep them organised and on top of everything.

Get School Bags Ready

Making sure school bags are ready the night before will also reduce your morning scramble. Checking through your children's classes the next day and organising the necessary books is a key way to make sure your mornings are cool, calm and collected. Keep an area at home with extra stationary so if the children ever lose their pencil case, pads or paint brushes you can quickly replace them without having to dash out to your nearest stationary shop.

Stick to Strict Bedtimes

Making sure children are awake and alert in the mornings all starts with the night before. Keeping a regular bedtime routine to ensure your children are sleeping as much as they need to is one of the most important things you can do. So getting your children into bed as early as you can will make sure you don’t have to spend the first 30 minutes of your day trying to get them all out of bed.

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