RV With The Family: Planning Your First Trip

10:27 AM

Planning your family vacation can be tough. It's not always easy to pick a destination and activities that everyone will like and plan something you can afford. There are lots of different approaches you can take to your vacation, including setting out in an RV. You don't need to own an RV to spend your vacation in one. You can rent one and go on a road trip, or just set yourself up at one campground for your whole vacation. If you think you would like to take your family on an RV vacation, there are some important things to plan before you set off.

Get the Right RV

If you don't own an RV, renting one is simple. However, on your first RV trip, you're unlikely to know what to look for. What's the right choice for your family, and what types of RV are available? Many people decide to go for a motorhome, which you can drive on its own. Another option is to rent a travel trailer, which you can tow with your vehicle. If you choose this option, make sure you have the right towing equipment from Curt or a similar brand. Your other main consideration is size. You need enough space for everyone to sleep and to sit. But don't worry too much about space. You'll be spending most of your time outside.

Pack the Best Supplies

Deciding what to pack for your RV trip is a little different to doing the same for other vacations. You'll want all your usual clothes, including anything you need for outdoor activities. However, you also have to think about what you need for living out of the RV. In addition to using the space of the RV, you're likely to set up space outside it for various things. For example, you can cook and eat outside, as well as just hang out there. So you should think about packing things like a folding table and chair set and a grill.

Choose Where You're Going

When you have an RV, you have a huge range of places you can travel. Many people decide to go to national parks, where they have excellent campgrounds. Stopping at a campground often means you have great access to facilities for your family, from playgrounds and swimming pools to tennis courts. It's best to choose where you're going to stop before you go and perhaps reserve a space. Remember that some campgrounds have limited space for RVs or might not be able to accommodate larger ones at all.

Make Plans for Entertainment

One big worry many parents have is how they're going to keep their kids entertained on an RV trip. There are two parts to this: the driving and the camping. When you're on the road, you can get out your usual tricks for keeping everyone happy. Except you might be able to have everyone sitting at a table in the back of the RV, so there's even more you can do. When you're camping, there are plenty of options. Make the most of the campground facilities, go on a walk or bike ride, or spend time playing games or just sitting together.

An RV trip can be a great bonding experience. But if you're not sure about living in close quarters, it might not be for you.

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