Kick'n Kitchen Tools That Transform Eating Habits

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Ah, healthy eating. To some families, it’s a realistic target that they hit on a daily basis. To most families, it’s a myth. ‘What, healthy eating? Don’t be silly!’ The lure of quick and simple meals is too tempting for most moms to turn down, especially when stomachs begin to rumble. As a result, you might find yourself substituting healthy eating for something more practical. Well, there is no need to replace healthy eating with anything anymore because of technology. Yep, thanks to certain kitchen equipment, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Okay, maybe not cake, but you get the drift!

These are the tools that make healthy eating a cinch for moms and the rest of the family.


Some foods are healthier than others because they have a low-calorie count. Soup is one such dish, yet it isn’t usually a turn-on for moms because it can be hard work. After all, there are so many ingredients to chop up, boil down, and turn into mush. Seriously, it can take ages before the food is ready, and that sort of negates the point. With a blender, there is no need to wait around for anything. You simply pop the ingredients in, put on the lid, and press the button. The mixer processes the food into a nice, soup-like consistency, and you serve with a slice of brown bread. Is there anything tastier or healthier to eat? If there is, it’s a big surprise! Also, don’t forget about smoothies and shakes as they are great ways to eat your five a day.

Air Fryer

Okay, what the hell is an air fryer?! It’s a good question because they aren’t the most popular products, yet. However, you should expect that to change in the future because air fryers are, well, they are the future. Frying food is a quick and basic way to prepare a meal, and it doesn’t disappoint in the taste stakes. Obviously, moms love to fry food when they get the chance. Unfortunately, the process turns the oil into a fatty substance which starts to clog the veins and arteries. An air fryer, however, reduces the fat content by up to 75%. That’s a huge margin and one that most families can’t ignore. If you’re in the market for this new, fangled gadget, you need to learn more about the best air fryers of 2017. After all, you’ll need help if you don’t have a clue about the machine in the first place.


If you think what’s wrong with boiling, it’s worth noting that there is nothing wrong with that method. In fact, it’s one of the healthier ways to prepare food. Still, steaming is even healthier. And, if you’re looking to revolutionize your eating habits, why not try a steamer? For one thing, there is no need to add any additional substances that affect the calorie count. More importantly, steaming is a gentler process, and that maintains most of the nutrients. As a result, you get more from eating steamed vegetables than you do boiled ones. Plus, a steamer is good for more than veg. If you like, you can steam fish, too. Now that is one healthy meal full of omega 3 and vitamins! If you don’t want to buy a steamer, you can achieve the same effect by boiling water in a pan and placing another pan directly on top.

Kitchen Scales

A scale might not seem like a healthy tool, but it has a huge role to play in your diet. The odds are high that you don’t measure food out before you put it in your mouth. Even when you’re cooking, you probably go with what you feel rather than waste time with the scales. Although it ‘feels right,’ it is often bad for your body. You see, the body takes on unnecessary calories with this method because you eat more than necessary. Then, you start to put on weight, and the situation escalates out of control. With a scale, you can simply measure out the ingredients before you use them. The same goes for snacks that you gobble down without a care. Measuring out a handful of nuts, for example, can be the difference between being healthy and unhealthy. And, there is no excuse not to have a set in your kitchen. They are inexpensive, and every decent store has them in stock.

That’s right – eating healthily isn’t only about the food.

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