Keep Your Family Car Safe At Home

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We are so reliant on our family vehicle to help us get our little ones from A to B. Thats why we need to protect our prized possession so that it stays safe even when it’s in the comfort of our own home. After all, a lot of people make errors such as not keeping it in a safe position, or not locking it properly. But then they are left picking up the pieces if their car is broken into. Here are some great ways to keep your family car safe at home.

Fit an alarm on the vehicle:

It’s a common error to think that all vehicles are fitted with an alarm. In fact, a lot of the newer cars don’t actually come with an alarm installed. So you might be inside your home and won’t be alerted if someone did try and break into your vehicle. Therefore, they might be able to drive off with the car before you can even contact the police. To keep your car safe, you should fit an alarm on the vehicle to ensure that if someone did break in, you would know about it straight away! And you can go outside to scare them in the tracks. You might even want to go the extra mile by getting an immobilizer which prevents the car running without the right key. And a wheel lock which will ensure no one can turn the steering wheel without unlocking it first!

Secure your garage:

It’s always a good idea to keep your family car away in a garage if possible. After all, it can make it much harder for car thieves to get access to the car. Therefore, put your car away in the garage to ensure it remains safe overnight. And always lock the door so they can’t get into the garage to steal the car. You should also make sure the doors are secure so that no one is able to get in. In fact, you can find out more about buying some new automatic doors if you visit website of companies in your local area. And remember another bonus of keeping the vehicle inside a garage is it can ensure it stays clean and away from the risks of bad weather!

Get motion detector lighting:

It’s always a good idea to get an outside light for the front of your home. For one thing, it can help you find your keys if you get home when it’s dark. But it’s also a good deterrent for thieves. After all, if they see you have light outside the home, they might not come near the property. Therefore, look into getting motion detector lighting for the outside of your home which will come on if there is any movement close to your property at night. You might want to get one of these by your garage too. That way, if someone dares get close to your vehicle, you will quickly be alerted and can take action!

And remember to keep the keys out of sight in your home. After all, if intruders see your car keys sitting on the kitchen counter, it can encourage them to break into your house and take your car!

What do I do if my car does get stolen?

Well, first you should report it through the proper channels and contact the authorities. If you manage to recover the car which happens in most cases it could be damaged or not in the best condition. If you no longer feel comfortable driving the car though you might consider selling it. If that's the case you might want to contact a cash for cars service, that will be able to pay you for your car. This is a simple option, where they don't care about the condition of the car.

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