How To Save Over $1000 After Having a Baby

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How To Save Over $1000 After Having a Baby
Having a baby is one of the greatest joys of womanhood. In fact, some regard it as the ultimate indicator of being a complete woman.
But as we all know, the joy of having a baby is paired with an equivalent responsibility—phsyically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. The latter being one of the most challenging.
But having a new bundle of joy should not always take a toll on your wallet. Here are some ways you can save money without compromising your love and care quality.

Sterilize and dry bottles the old way. Sterilizing bottles can be done in various ways aside from using a bottle sterilizer.
I used the old method of the big pot of hot water. One that I only use for my baby’s bottles.
Before cleaning my baby’s baby bottles, I would put water in the pot deep enough to submerge the bottles, nipples, cap, and other baby stuff that needs sterilizing.
While the water is slowly heating up, I clean the bottles using soap and water and rinse it thoroughly. Once the water starts to boil, I turn the heat off. I then put all the bottles in and cover it for about 5 minutes.
When the time’s up, I remove them from the water. I then get a dry cleaning brush and a sterilized cloth. I wrap the cloth around the brush, insert it in the bottles and dry them one by one.
When all’s clean and dry, I put the nipple and cap on tightly and keep them in clean place. It’s either the fridge or a clean container only for my baby’s bottles.
Savings: $60

Use cloth diapers. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I have the leisure of looking after my baby almost 24/7. And I grabbed this opportunity to save money.
Instead of relying too much on disposable diapers, I used cloth diapers at daytime and the disposable ones only when it’s time to sleep at night.
If you’re worried about rashes appearing on your little one’s skin, note that it only happens when the wet diaper is in contact with the skin for too long.
What I did to avoid it is too check for signs that my baby has already peed so I could wash her tushy immediately. The usual sign is when she’s been tossing and turning while sleeping. When she’s awake, I can sense she’s peeing when she suddenly stops being busy with whatever it is she’s doing.
Also, I took note of the time she usually pees. Like, for example, right after waking up, I let her pee on the potty trainer right away.
It may seem like hard work, especially the diaper washing part, but I can say it’s still rewarding, not to mention money saving.
Savings: $100+/year

Feed her with soy milk. When your baby is big enough to eat a lot of solid foods, consider switching to soy milk instead of the formula milk you buy every now and then.
Before freaking out, know that I agree that soy milk contains hormones. However, these hormones are not harmful for our babies. These are the same hormones you see in other foods including apples.
When taken in moderation, soy milk should not harm your baby. In fact, it’s better for your baby if it’s lactose intolerant or allergic to animal milk.
But note that you should only switch to soy milk when your baby is eating more solid food than drinking milk. My daughter started it at 2 years old.
If you’re concerned about the nutrients she can get from soy milk, remember that as long as you’re giving healthful foods, your baby should be fine. If you have a picky eater, try supplementing with vitamins and minerals.
How to prepare soy milk:
What you need:
1 cup soy beans soaked in water overnight
3 cups distilled water
1/8 c sugar
clean cloth for sifting
Cast iron pot
Blend the beans and water until the beans turn into sandy texture. It takes about 5 minutes. Place the cloth on top of the pot. 
Ask someone to hold the cloth in place and pour the blended soy mixture. Make sure non of the beans get into the milk. Squeeze off extra milk. Cook the milk until it boils for about 5 minutes. Turn off heat. Add sugar. Add a pinch of salt if desired. Let it cool before giving to your baby.
Savings: $900/year
You see, having a baby doesn’t always mean your bank account will stay zero. Sometimes, you just have to find a cheap alternative to the products other moms tout about.

But every time you do so, make sure your baby’s health and safety are not compromised.

Guest Blogger: Sarah Morgan. A sister, a daughter, a wife, but most especially a mother. Being a mother makes me realize that life is a great adventure. Join with me on my quest to be a better parent while living a healthier and fuller life at

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