How To Help Your Child Make New Friends At School

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If your child is entering into a new school after your family has moved home into a totally new location, they might be going through an emotionally difficult time. However, If your kids are just transitioning from grade school to high school, they will be entering into a new world where social groups form and complex interactions take place.

Be their emotional coach

As they’re growing physically, so will their brain and the chemical responses associated with emotion and logical thought. Their negative and selfish impulses will be going up and down like a yo-yo. Making friends at this time in their life will be an alien concept and sometimes a bit of a brick wall, difficult to climb over. Studies have shown, children develop more advanced emotional self-control if their parents are willing to listen and have a conversation with them about their feelings. Being sympathetic and trying to solve problems they may have in a calm patient way, takes away any shame they might feel in discussing their social fragility.  

Social life and bullying

Parents are much better off if they monitor their children’s social activities and how other children react to their presence and their words. This doesn’t mean you should float around your kids so much that you smother them while they’re in the middle of an interaction with their peers. However, it does mean you should watch for any signs of hostility. For example, if your child is impaired in some way, such as hearing, smell or sight. Children can often be mean and play tricks on one another, especially pranks that involve a physicality.

Children can make fun of somebody’s clothes, their lack of awareness or even their class in terms of family income. A simple change where a part of their look can be changed into something more acceptable, such as upgrading their glasses into a more sleek, trendy style, can get them to fit in more. They may want rid of their poor eyesight and If you think this is a viable option, visit a place like the eye center. The same can be done for their shoes, jackets or jeans. High school children, in particular, are going through a phase where they’re being judged by their peers on what kind of style they have. Take them out for a day of shopping and see if they can update their look to fit in with the gang in class.

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Socializing outside of school

Several studies suggest that children bond better when they can do so in their own time. School time is a structured rigidly and schedules determine what kind of people they interact with. So give them the opportunity to socialize outside of their normal learning times, like having a sleepover or taking them to the cinema. High school is a peculiar time, and although they love you, they don’t want to be seen with you. Don’t take it personally, do you remember how rebellious you were at that age? When children are bonding and relating to one another, they often share stories and feelings, so as mentioned before, fostering their emotional bank can help them to become better understanding and thus a more valuable friend to their peers.

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